Chapter 501: The Only Uncertainty

Chapter 501: The Only Uncertainty

Although it was only the results from the first category, Ouyang De still couldn’t accept his grandson being ranked at number three. In his heart, he’d never thought that Ouyang Chao would fall short of the champion’s rank, much less than be ranked at number three! Not only was this a humiliation for Ouyang Chao, it was even more so for Ouyang De.

He’d been the crowd favorite before the competition and had enjoyed so much support, all sorts of fawning compliments and lavish praises. The continued flattery had been music to Ouyang De’s ears, and he’d accepted it all.

If Ouyang Chao really did lose out, it would make the Ouyang clan a laughingstock in the eyes of everyone.

Jiang Chen was a lone man kicking up a dust cloud up front, far ahead of the others and soon vaulting into the fourth category of manipulation. This category involved both refining pills and cultivating spirit herbs. There were three topics in total.

The first was about cultivating spirit herb seeds. To succeed, one had to plant the spirit herb seeds and have them germinate in three days. Completion was worth 20 p...

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