Chapter 500: Temporarily First

Chapter 500: Temporarily First

Many of the elders guessed that Jiang Chen had simply passed over the more difficult questions to finish faster. Given the difficulty level, it was an entirely reasonable supposition. Candidates who finished faster would hold a greater advantage if everyone’s scores were similar.

“This Jiang Chen is still too young, it seems. He couldn’t retain his composure and thought the finals would be as casual as the preliminaries.” An elder sighed softly.

It was apparent that some of the elders had already made their own judgements about the quality of Jiang Chen’s answers, given that he’d finished in an hour. They all felt that Jiang Chen was doing this for the limelight, placing far too much emphasis on speed. This kind of method would absolutely impact the quality of his answers.

Elder Yun Nie, on the other hand, remained serene and impartial. Jiang Chen was someone he had his eyes on. From what he knew of Jiang Chen, the latter wasn’t the sort to lose his cool so easily. He must have had his own reasons for handing...

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