Chapter 499: Astounding Answering Speed

Chapter 499: Astounding Answering Speed

One had to say, Linghu Xian had been well and truly caught in a web of his own making. As the Hall of Law Enforcement investigated, his crimes began to pile up, including threats towards disciples participating in battle, insubordination towards the Palace Head, and severe interference with the objectivity of the competition. Linghu Xian had even threatened the Precious Tree Sect, so he had the added crime of undermining the alliance between the two sects added to his list. When punishment was handed down for his crimes, he was immediately removed from his position and sent to the Regal Pill Palace dungeons.

Linghu Feng was likewise stripped of his competition qualifications and replaced with the disciple who’d ranked 31st.

With Linghu Xian gone, the power of the Linghu clan also plummeted. The Herbal Hall elders who were dissatisfied with Linghu Xian to begin with also stepped out to expose his crimes. When everything came into the light of day, it was greatly shocking and actually involved the loss of several lives.

Everyone within the Regal Pill Palace was enraged as they bore witness to a list...

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