Chapter 497: Threats and Temptation

Chapter 497: Threats and Temptation

“Brother Chen, you’re simply too awesome!” Mu Gaoqi’s brows danced as they left Shen Li Palace. He was sincerely happy to see Jiang Chen take the championship in the preliminaries.

Jiang Chen himself was rather calm. With his foundations in the dao of pills, it was only right and proper that he’d taken home the championship in the preliminaries.

“Hmph, victory for now means nothing, just like being fat initially is nothing. It’s only the final weight that tips the scales. The hell kind of use is a champion of the preliminaries? The residences of the Sovereign Area will only be settled in the finals. What kinda use is gaining the limelight in the preliminaries?” Vicious, cold mockery rang out behind them. It was Linghu Feng’s irritating voice again.

Mu Gaoqi snorted derisively. “Pssht. Linghu Feng, why didn’t you take the championship if you’re so good? Don’t tell me you’re jealous, hmm?”

Linghu Feng glowered at Mu Gaoqi in a sinister fashion. “Huh, Mu Gaoqi? Who would’ve thought that you’d grow a pair? You don’t believe that I can run you right out of the Rosy Valley, ah?”

Jiang Chen didn’t wait for Mu Gaoqi to respond when he heard this. He reached out a hand to stop Mu Gaoqi, laughing...

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