Chapter 496: A Dominating First

Chapter 496: A Dominating First

Jiang Chen was familiar with cauldron inspection and fire control after his bet with Yan Hongtu. Although the contents were different, the format was the exact same, so he felt absolutely no pressure. To Jiang Chen, this kind of testing was as effortless as eating and drinking. He would be able to utterly dominate in cauldron inspection and fire control. Therefore, he sped into the third test at the fastest speed possible—seed identification.

This segment had a slightly higher difficulty, but it still posed no challenge to Jiang Chen. Out of a thousand seeds, one had to choose the only five seeds that had the same attributes. There were only five of them, so the slightest mistake would disqualify a contestant. In addition, one of the seeds was a dead seed, and they had to pick it out too.

Jiang Chen utilized his God’s Eye to scan for the most minute of details, employing it like a magnifying glass and enlarging all the attributes of the seeds in his eyes. His fingers flew as he quickly picked out the five seeds....

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