Chapter 495: The Tussle Begins

Chapter 495: The Tussle Begins

Jiang Chen’s presence acted as a lubricant, creating a smooth bridge of communication between Palace Head Dan Chi and Elder Yun Nie.

“Jiang Chen, our chat today has cleared up many things for me and put me in a wonderful mood. I have to say that despite the difference in our ages, you are truly one of my good friends. Alright, go make your preparations for the pill battles, I look forward to your exciting performance!” Dan Chi spoke another few words of encouragement and made a grasping motion in the air, pulling out a pill cauldron. “Jiang Chen, this cauldron is the Skyweave Cauldron, something my teacher gifted to me when I was young. It’s a pity that it never could display its full splendor in my hands. Now that my teacher has passed on, I have utterly disappointed his sentiments in giving this to me.” Dan Chi sighed lightly, traces of regret, shame, and nostalgia in his tone. “And now, I pass this cauldron onto you. Perhaps the hopes that my teacher had for me back then will be fulfilled by your hands.”

This Skyweave Cauldron was one of the top five cauldrons in Regal Pill Palace history. It had boasted an illustrious name in the past thousand years, and Jiang Chen...

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