Chapter 493: Tang Hong Becomes a Golden Thigh to Hug

Chapter 493: Tang Hong Becomes a Golden Thigh to Hug [1]

“You, come here.” Jiang Chen pointed at the fellow who’d just opened the door, his eyes so sharp they seemed to pierce through his soul. “Speak, where’s Tang Hong?”

The person shivered all over as Jiang Chen’s God’s Eye locked onto him, his teeth actually starting to chatter uncontrollably. “I… I…”

Jiang Chen’s tone chilled. “You don’t know?” The disciple dropped to his knees when Jiang Chen increased the degree of his aura by one factor. He was unable to bear up any longer and sagged bonelessly to the ground.

“I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you… Tang Hong’s gone to wash clothes.”

Wash clothes?

Jiang Chen was completely baffled by these words. A vaunted Regal Pill Palace inner disciple had to do such errands as wash clothes?

Ye Chonglou sighed lightly. “Jiang Chen, the inner disciples are different from the core disciples. They don’t enjoy preferential treatment and need to take care of their own day-to-day needs. They don’t have the right to have followers either.”

Jiang Chen nodded and looked at the disciples in front of him, roughly understanding what was going on. He snorted coldly, “This is to say, Tang Hong isn’t...

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