Chapter 492: Blood of a True Dragon

Chapter 492: Blood of a True Dragon

A spirit box and a small flask were placed on the table in front of them. Jiang Chen created several soundproof barriers, and also deployed the Lotus around them to ensure that no one was surreptitiously keeping an eye on them. “Lordmaster, this item is quite extraordinary.”

“Jiang Chen, what is this? I’m afire with curiosity even at my old age.” The lordmaster also asked.

“This flask contains two drops of dragon blood. The blood of a true dragon, and at that, from the noblest of dragons, the five clawed dragon. The box contains a dragon crystal.”

“What? True dragon?” The lordmaster’s face changed drastically. Ye Chonglou, a man who’d lived more than half his life with an unshaken bearing, almost fell to a sitting position on the ground. Now ashen faced and his throat dry, he stammered, “You mean, a true… true dragon?”

“Yes, a pure descendant of the dragons and not one of the variants. Its source is one that has a direct lineage of the dragons. As you can see, this is no ordinary matter.”

The lordmaster couldn’t speak for the longest time. He had sunk so deep into shock, he couldn’t extricate himself from it.

Dragons! They were...

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