Chapter 491: Gifting Pills to Ye Chonglou

Chapter 491: Gifting Pills to Ye Chonglou

Jiang Chen returned to the Rosy Valley after leaving Elder Yun Nie’s residence.

“Hello, senior brother Jiang Chen.”

“Senior brother Jiang Chen!”

The guards all greeted Jiang Chen with smiling faces when they saw him, without a hint of their former ornery attitudes. So the saying went, one did not reach out to slap a smiling face. Jiang Chen knew that these guards were all just eking out a life when they’d made things difficult for him before. The same went for why they were greeting him warmly now.They had to do this in order to survive.

He nodded without saying anything. That would suffice as a response. These people were acting this way likely because he had defeated Yan Hongtu, and he’d received Elder Yun Nie’s favor as his position rose accordingly.

Palace Head Dan Chi showed a preference for him, but obviously wouldn’t interfere with matters in the Rosy Valley. Elder Yun Nie was different. He’d gone to the level of shouting down another elder during a council meeting. When this news made the rounds, getting more embellished with the telling, it took on a completely different meaning.

Elder Yun Nie was blatantly...

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