Chapter 490: The Battle Over Residences in the Sovereign Area

Chapter 490: The Battle Over Residences in the Sovereign Area

When he returned to the Regal Pill Palace, Jiang Chen decided to first pay a visit to Dan Chi’s residence to catch up on news before returning to his residence.

Walking in, he found that all of his followers had immersed themselves in training, not setting a single foot outside. The residence was still orderly, but it was rather Huang’er who’d taken up some of the daily tasks of cleaning and keeping everything neat.

When Jiang Chen stepped inside, he was greeted by the sight of Miss Huang’er holding a broom, gently sweeping some fallen leaves in the courtyard. Evidently she was taking very good care of the place, as the entire residence was spic and span.

“Miss Huang’er, why are you the one being imposed on for these chores?” Jiang Chen was a bit embarrassed when he saw this development. She was his patient! How was she being asked to do this kind of menial work?

Huang'er dimpled, “Sir Jiang, you’re back? I’d just thought that things can’t be a mess when you return. You might be displeased otherwise. So, I swept a bit since I had some free time on my hands. Huang'er is clumsy and can’t do much anyways.”

Jiang Chen smiled, “If Miss Huang'er is clumsy, then no one can be considered good with their hands.”

As the two chatted, Huang’er’s eyes suddenly flicked, “Sir Jiang, you… you seem a little different?”

“Mm, I had some fortuitous occurrences this time.” Jiang Chen knew that Huang'er's observation skills were sharp. She was able to quickly detect many things.

“Sir Jiang is truly an unparalleled genius. You were uncommon to begin with, and now have completely remade yourself with this change. Huang'er believes that Sir Jiang will be on the same level as the top geniuses in the Upper Eight Realms before too long.” Huang'er sighed with amazement. Her expression then flickered as she raised the broom and smiled at Jiang Chen. “Sir Jiang, a guest comes calling. Huang'er will go to the rear yard first.”

Jiang Chen was moved. He’d just sensed that there were footsteps approaching the residence, but to think that Miss Huang'er felt the same as well! He looked at Huang’er’s lithe, graceful silhouette in deep thought. I wonder where Elder Shun and Huang'er are from? Far from their homes, they’re drifting through desolate regions such as the Myriad Domain. They must have their own reasons other than the Hundred Generations Curse? One can find a sense of nobility from Miss Huang’er’s actions, but she sets aside her bearing to be friendly with everyone. Her actions betray her breadth of mind as far beyond that of ordinary, short-sighted girls…

Jiang Chen was a bit curious, but he didn’t intend to plumb the depths of this particular mystery. As he stood there ruminating, someone sent in a message from outside, “Senior brother Jiang Chen, Elder Yun Nie requests your presence at his residence.”

Elder Yun Nie had found out the second Jiang Chen had stepped foot inside his home. It was almost impressive that there were no secrets in the Regal Pill Palace that was hidden to the Elder. In any case, he should’ve gone to see Elder Yun Nie after seeing Sage Dan Chi. Jiang Chen smiled and walked out, “I was just about to pay a visit to Elder Yun Nie, but he’s summoned me first. Let’s go!”

The guards were flabbergasted when Jiang Chen once again appeared at the Hundred Elders Peak.

“This Jiang Chen is a bit too ridiculous, isn’t he? Elder Yun Nie personally sent a person to invite him over? A message glyph would’ve done the job just as well!”

“Oh what do you know? Jiang Chen is destined to be extraordinary. Sage Dan Chi personally traveled to recruit him and Elder Yun Nie values him this highly. In my eyes, Jiang Chen will sooner or later become an influential person in the Regal Pill Palace. He might even become the successor!”

“Oh come on. That’s too much. Do you know what the successor is? How is it that easy to become the successor to the Regal Pill Palace?”

“Don’t believe me? Wait and see. I completely trust Sage Dan Chi and Elder Yun Nie’s eyes.” The guards were still gossiping even after Jiang Chen had disappeared from sight.


“Jiang Chen, I’ve invited you here today to thank you for your help, amongst other things. You’ve helped me successfully break through to fourth level sage realm and become another earth sage cultivator of this sect.” Elder Yun Nie was in a great mood as he smiled and continued. “Secondly, I wanted to ask if you’re interested in competing for a residence in the Sovereign Area of the Rosy Valley?”

“Congratulations to Elder Yun Nie for breaking through to the earth sage realm!” Earth sages was absolutely the first tier amongst experts in the Regal Pill Palace. Even Palace Head Dan Chi was only fifth level sage realm.

“Haha! The lion’s share of the credit goes to you for this accomplishment! The Sovereign Area of the Rosy Valley has created four new residences, and competition is fierce for them. I made a decision for you when you weren’t here and put your name down for a lot. You won’t blame me for my decision, will you?”

There were four areas in the Rosy Valley. Jiang Chen’s current Soaring Clouds was the lowest level, and Peerless was quite small as it was where the female disciples lived. Sky Pillar was the one level above Soaring Clouds. Sovereign wasn't segregated by gender, and those who lived in it had their own separate residences, each with land of almost a hundred square miles that didn’t overlap with the territory other geniuses.

This kind of independent residence was absolutely the highest class of residences for the younger generation of the Regal Pill Palace, whether in terms of spirit qi in the environment or its facilities. Although Jiang Chen’s current residence wasn’t bad, it was on a completely different level compared to the Sovereign Area.

“Sovereign?” Jiang Chen arched his eyebrow. “I’ve heard that the land in a radius around each residence belongs solely to the disciple?”

“Exactly so. Those are the best residences for the younger generation. Jiang Chen, such a chance must not be missed, you can’t afford to lose out on it!” Elder Yun Nie smiled. “Both Sage Dan Chi and I look favorably on a young genius like you. You’ll be restricted in what you can do if you continue to skulk in the Soaring Clouds Area. The Sovereign Area is where your stage is!”

Elder Yun Nie’s words also caused ripples of great emotion in Jiang Chen’s heart. He’d come to the Regal Pill Palace to embrace further challenges. What was the use in coming if he didn’t even dare take the challenge for a residence in the Sovereign Area?

“Many thanks for Elder Yun Nie’s favor. How many residences might there be in the Sovereign Area?” Jiang Chen asked.

“There were only eight residences, and now four more have been added this time. Thus, competition has gotten, hmm, impassioned.” Elder Yun Nie looked at Jiang Chen with brightly shining eyes. “The apex geniuses should live in the apex areas. Jiang Chen, although you are young, you undoubtedly have the aura of a sovereign. I feel that you should pursue this challenge whether you succeed or not. In addition, half of the allotment of the residences will be reserved for pill masters this time.”

“Oh? How is this so?” Jiang Chen blinked rapidly, his interest piqued.

“The first eight residences are all currently taken by martial dao geniuses. This time, I analyzed the situation for the Palace Head to secure two slots for pill geniuses. This is to say that martial dao geniuses will be competing for two of the slots this time, and the other two are reserved for pill geniuses. Since you seem to be a peak genius in both daos, you can make the decision yourself as to which to choose.”

“Of course, there are some reminders that I must voice first. In terms of pills, I feel that your potential will give you quite a guarantee for success. As for the two slots in martial dao, you’ll face enormous competition from large numbers of sky origin geniuses from the Sky Pillar Area. I feel that you have no need to reject what is near at hand to seek what is far away.” Elder Yun Nie looked quite favorably upon Jiang Chen, but still wanted to share his opinions.

There were two slots reserved for each, and the dao of pills was relatively easier given where Jiang Chen’s cultivation was currently at. Although he wasn’t afraid of the impending fight from the sky origin geniuses, it was apparent that it would consume more time and effort.

Jiang Chen’s current cultivation level could easily win over those at the peak of the earth origin realm, but the results were still up in the air if he were to face a sky origin realm genius.

Geniuses in large sects such as the Regal Pill Palace were bound to have numerous trump cards in hand. Given that Jiang Chen had yet to enter the earth origin realm, he was well aware that he couldn’t say that he was assured of a victory against the large swathes of sky origin realm geniuses.

He might have a chance if he used all of his trump cards. But doing so for a mere residence in the sect clearly wasn’t his style. He thought briefly. “Alright, then I’ll participate in the competition for the pill dao residences.” He quite liked the idea of an independent residence with a high degree of solitude, especially after taking the spring with the wood spirit energy. He also needed a place large enough to hold it. A residence that was his alone fit the bill perfectly. Therefore, he set his sights on the prize and was determined to win it.

Elder Yun Nie also laughed heartily when he saw that Jiang Chen had taken his advice. “Good, good, good! Promising and worthy to be taught. Jiang Chen, you have lived up to my hopes for you.”

A follower on the side couldn’t help but say to Jiang Chen, “Senior brother Jiang Chen, the elder fought ferociously in the council meeting this time in order to secure these two slots for pill geniuses. He even pounded the table in front of first elder Lian Cheng in heated argument for quite some time before finally obtaining them.”

Elder Yun Nie chuckled and glared at his follower. “You talk too much. Dismissed.”

The follower’s heart spasmed in fright as he hastily stepped away to the side. Jiang Chen was also quite surprised by this matter. Palace Head Dan Chi had only smiled merrily when he’d paid his visit and hadn’t said anything. However, his expression had been quite… interesting. Now that Jiang Chen thought about it, this had probably been the reason why?

Elder Yun Nie spread out his hands. “Jiang Chen, I didn’t go against Elder Lian Cheng just for you. Our Regal Pill Palace was founded for pills, and this has been our tradition for a thousand years. But now, martial dao flourishes whereas we have become complacent about our achievements in pills. Many of us are arrogant and still heady from the halo of being number one sect in pills. We are unable to extract ourselves, and it will be very dangerous to continue this way. This is why I went to the point of fighting with Hallmaster Lian Cheng of the Hall of Might. As the Hallmaster, his perspective is naturally one of having more martial dao geniuses enter the Sovereign Area.”

Jiang Chen nodded. The Hall of Might was the foremost hall in the Regal Pill Palace, and Elder Lian Cheng the foremost elder on the council. Elder Yun Nie’s Herbal Hall ranked number two, and he was likely the only one amongst the elders who dared argue against Hallmaster Lian Cheng. Even though he said it was for the good of the sect, Jiang Chen knew that there was still more or less a desire to protect and nurture Jiang Chen behind Elder Yun Nie’s actions.

The warmth of gratitude rose in Jiang Chen’s heart in that moment. “Elder Yun Nie, this disciple will bring forth everything I have to obtain a place in the Sovereign Area to repay your immense favor!”

Elder Yun Nie applauded loudly. “Good, good! I too wish for you to stun all those present in this competition. This way, who will dare say anything when I add you to the list of those participating in the Pill Battles of Mt. Rippling Mirage?!”

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