Chapter 489: Returning with Fruitful Results

Chapter 489: Returning with Fruitful Results

The spring had been completely sucked into Long Xiaoxuan’s abdomen. The Rat King was flabbergasted at the sight, sighing, “Amazing, wonderful! The king of beasts, truly the royalty amongst us all! This ability to swallow the skies and devour the earth is absolutely at the peak of all beasts. Young master Long, Ole Gold is most impressed!”

The Rat King’s personality was a bit similar to Mu Gaoqi’s. They were both cautious and wary. However, the Rat King had lived for hundreds, if not a thousand years, so it’d long since grown comfortable with itself. He had more of a scamp’s air around him, the slipperiness of someone familiar with social conventions. These words were obviously to kiss up to Long Xiaoxuan and make the dragon happy.

In terms of strength and lineage, the dragon was indeed far superior to the Rat King. But in terms of age, Long Xiaoxuan actually wasn’t much older than Jiang Chen. It was just that he’d been nurtured by the spring ever since he lay curled in his egg, and some of...

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