Chapter 488: Cutting the Hair and Washing the Marrow, An Enormous Change

Chapter 488: Cutting the Hair and Washing the Marrow, An Enormous Change

The atmosphere lightened considerably after the treaty was signed. When the dragon began to expel the toxin, Jiang Chen even purposefully assumed his role as pill master to probe the dragon’s body, ensuring the complete removal of toxins. He didn’t hold back either, as he transmitted the “Dragon Transformation Method” to the dragon.

“This transformation method isn’t an easy thing to train either, and won’t be grasped overnight. However, the foundation of this transformation method has to do with the arts of your dragon race. True dragons can be large or small, can rise or hide themselves. You can grow large enough to spit clouds and mist, or so small that you are virtually invisible. If you wish to soar the four seas, then you must master this foundational method and train in the skills of the dragons.” Jiang Chen didn’t need to resort to any tricks if he wanted to tame this dragon. He only needed to show it some of his abilities.

Indeed, the dragon’s admiration for Jiang Chen grew even stronger after it received the “Dragon Transformation Method”. “Youth, it’s not a bad thing to ally with you!”

Dragons were proud by nature and normally weren’t much for compliments. As such, their rare occasions of praise came from the heart.

“Since you’ve been so forthright, I, a son of the dragons, won’t lie to you either. If you wish to move the spring away, you must first move that Taiyi Jade Vine. That Jade Vine is the only source of the spring’s energy. Once you remove the Jade Vine, I will suck up the water for you.

The dragons could summon the wind and rain, or overturn rivers and seas. That was their natural gift, and there was no need for them to be taught how to do so. They could suck dry a massive river, much less this small lake.

Jiang Chen smiled. “Not yet,” and summoned the Goldbiter Rat King. “Ole Gold, I’ve found the natural place of spirit power. Have you selected your children yet?”

The Rat King stared at the jade green spring with narrow eyes, delight suffusing them. “Young master Chen, you didn’t lie to me alright! Fantastic, fantastic! I’ve already selected a hundred of my children and they’re ready at any time.”

The Goldbiter Rats were small, so not a lot of spirit power was required to evolve their bloodlines.

Jiang Chen laughed and responded, “Ole Gold, you’re in too much of a rush. The spring’s owner is here, don’t you intend on greeting him?”

The Rat King had simply been far too agitated, with eyes only for the spring. He hadn’t noticed the large dragon coiled atop it at all. When he finally saw the dragon on the stone steps, he couldn’t help but tremble all over and hid behind Jiang Chen. “This… this is a… dragon… dragon!”

The royals of ancient times, the dragons possessed a naturally intimidating aura. This was why the Rat King was almost scared into a faint when he saw the dragon.

“Just look at you! This is a true dragon, the owner of this place and also our friend. Hey now, buck up, you’re the descendent of the Goldbiter Kingrats! Although they weren’t the equivalent of the dragons in ancient times, they were still a frightening race!”

The Rat King chuckled and cowered, still appearing a bit shell shocked.

The dragon suddenly spoke, “Descendent of the Goldbiter Kingrats? I have a few memories of them, a terrifying race capable of swallowing the heavens. They’re supposed to be unnaturally fierce, so why are their descendants so cowardly?”

Forget swallowing the heavens, the Rat King wished the ground would swallow him whole.

Jiang Chen smiled, changing the subject, “You’re a dragon, but you should at least have a name when you walk about outside, hmm?”

The dragon started. It really had never considered having a name. It asked blankly, “Do I have to have a name?”

The Rat King couldn’t help but muffle laughter when he heard that idiotic question.

“And what are you laughing at?” The dragon’s face chilled. A mere rat dared laugh at a dragon?

The Rat King’s expression changed drastically as he tucked his head in and crept behind Jiang Chen again, quietly sniggering off on the side.

Jiang Chen nodded. How about this, you have a body of black scales for armor, so I’ll call you Long Xiaoxuan.” [1]

“Why small?” The dragon asked dejectedly.

“Unless you like being called Long Daxuan?” [2] Jiang Chen smiled wryly, “Don’t blame me for not warning you now, but Daxuan really doesn’t sound good, and it’s easy to appear older than your years.”

“Then let’s do Xiaoxuan.” The dragon said, depressed.

“Alright, alright, I’ll call you Brother Long in the future if you don’t like the name Xiaoxuan. This way, everyone will think your surname is Long.”

“That’s more like it!” The newly crowned Long Xiaoxuan nodded with satisfaction.

“Alright, Brother Long, you’ve already received the method and if you don’t mind, please take some cover. Your presence will surely badly scare those Goldbiter Rats. Plus, I have a companion with a natural-born wood constitution who’s waiting for baptism in the spring.” Jiang Chen hadn’t forgotten Mu Gaoqi.

The latter was magically delivered to the edge of the spring after a short while.

“Brother Jiang Chen, is this a dream?” Mu Gaoqi couldn’t believe the sight in front of his eyes. This had to be a dream.

Jiang Chen waved his hand, “Gaoqi, don’t speak nonsense. I don’t know where that old thief and the dragon have gone to, but now is our chance.”

Mu Gaoqi suddenly came to his senses after Jiang Chen’s words and nodded his head furiously, “Yes yes, I’ve gone silly in my joy.”

Mu Gaoqi actually had some speculations in his heart, but he didn’t dare voice them when he saw Jiang Chen’s no nonsense manner. After so much, he would be a fool if he couldn’t see how extraordinary Jiang Chen was.

“Let’s go!” Jiang Chen grabbed Mu Gaoqi and leapt into the spring.

Two splashes accompanied the two as they landed in the spring. The water of the spring was quite temperate, neither hot nor cold. As the two sat in it, they could feel spirit power of unparalleled purity sinking into each of their pores, surging in to fill their bodies.

“This is amazing!” Mu Gaoqi couldn’t help but cheer.

Jiang Chen was greedily absorbing all the wood elemental energy, scouring his body of impurities. As a wood constitution body, Mu Gaoqi was truly a fish in water this time. The Goldbiter Rats were hiding in another corner, far away from these two. There was plenty of spirit energy in this enormous spring.

The baptism occurred for a full half month before the spirit energy in the spring began to ebb. At that time, both Jiang Chen and Mu Gaoqi had achieved their goals.

Jiang Chen had broken through to third level origin realm, but Mu Gaoqi had had an even greater gain. While he didn’t take in as much spirit energy as Jiang Chen, his gifts of a wood constitution had worked in tandem with the spring’s energies, wholly purifying his body to the level of an innate constitution—one which actually far surpassed that of Long Juxue’s!

Although she too had possessed an innate constitution, there were still more or less some impurities within. But Mu Gaoqi had eliminated all his flaws, and naturally had much higher potential. There were naturally differences in the level of innate constitutions. Mu Gaoqi now could be counted amongst the peak of the Myriad Domain when it came to potential.

“Congratulations Gaoqi, you’ll soar to the skies from now on.” Jiang Chen smiled.

Mu Gaoqi bowed deeply with cupped fists, saying seriously, “Elder brother Chen, there would be no me without you. My accomplishments of today are purely because of Brother Jiang Chen’s help. I will never forget this favor as long as I live! If elder brother Chen has any requests in the future, I will be sure to handle it with all my efforts!” Mu Gaoqi was a smart person as well, he’d even changed what he called Jiang Chen from “Brother Jiang Chen” to “elder brother Chen” [3]. Even though it was just a slight change, the meaning behind it was vastly different.

“Gaoqi, you and I have been through thick and thin, and since you call me elder brother, I don’t mind telling you that I intend on taking the spring away with me. There won’t be any spirit spring with wood energy here in the future.”

Mu Gaoqi was astonished at hearing this. “Brother Chen, you mean to take the spring? How… how do you intend on doing this?” He couldn’t imagine such a thing.

“I naturally have my ways.” Jiang Chen smiled faintly and didn’t respond. He didn’t want to spread the news of his alliance with Long Xiaoxuan just yet.

There were advantages to someone with a cautious nature. Take Mu Gaoqi for example, he knew what questions to ask and what not to, what could be voiced and what had to be kept a secret. He knew that he shouldn’t keep asking when he saw that Jiang Chen didn’t give him any details. He scratched his head, “Brother Chen, then I’ll wait for you outside?”

Jiang Chen nodded. “Sure, you be careful too. I may not be that quick about things, you can go back first if you want.”

Mu Gaoqi responded without hesitation, “I’ll wait for you at the entrance.” He was well aware that if Jiang Chen wanted to move the spring, it would be a monumental undertaking. Even though Mu Gaoqi deeply wished to observe, he still reined in his curiosity.

Soon after he left, the Goldbiter Rats also finished their baptism. One had to say, the spring had had a great effect on inducing the Rats to evolve. The ones that had been selected had cast off their old selves and evolved their bloodlines. It could be said that they’d reached the skies with one leap, particularly the Rat King. He’d grown incredibly strong in one month, breaking through to and reaching the peak of the origin realm in one month! His children had all broken through to the origin realm as well, their speed in advancement so fast that even Jiang Chen wanted to call them perverse.

“Having ancient bloodlines is indeed different!” Jiang Chen sighed, whereas Long Xiaoxuan just snorted dismissively, clearly not holding a high opinion of the Goldbiter Rats’ evolution. Jiang Chen smiled ruefully at the sound, “Brother Long, your lineage is noble and your heritage excellent, you don’t understand the troubles of the Rats!”

The Rat King walked over, seriousness in every fold of his body. “Young master Long, it is thanks to your spring that us Goldbiter Rats have been able to reach where we are today.”

Long Xiaoxuan apparently liked being sweet talked. He felt that he’d gained quite a bit of face with the moniker “young master Long” and spoke proudly when he saw how the Rat King humbled himself in front of the dragon, “As long as you know that you should be grateful!”

“Alright, we’re all friends in the future. Brother Long, I’ve obtained the Taiyu Jade Vine, it’s your turn to demonstrate your art now.”

Long Xiaoxuan nodded, taking to the air and opening his mouth. A strong suction force suddenly covered the lake’s surface. The jade-green spring waters turned into a green wave, filtering into Long Xiaoxuan’s mouth as the lake’s waters grew increasingly shallow…

  1. Long = dragon, xiao = small, xuan = black. Jiang Chen’s essentially calling him Little Black Dragon.
  2. Da = big
  3. Brother here is a polite, slightly removed term such as “friend”. Calling someone elder brother bring a much more personal touch to the conversation and is more respectful. Translation will keeping using Brother Chen for brevity’s sake.

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