Chapter 487: Dancing with Dragons

Chapter 487: Dancing with Dragons

Jiang Chen had absolutely taken a huge chance with this battle. He’d revealed multiple trump cards over the course of this battle, including the Bewitching Lotus of Fire and Ice, the Divine Tree of Dreams, the Evil Golden Eye, and the Galaxy Supernova. The fight had lasted for just a few moments, but he was as exhausted as if he’d battled for three days and three nights.

Drained beyond belief. He was almost completely wrung out.

On the other side, the dragon was in complete shock. It’d nearly succumbed to despair when it saw Jiang Chen’s initial three arrows. But the match had quickly taken turns that even it’d never expected. That human youth it didn’t think much of had actually killed Wei Wudao!

Although Wei Wudao himself wasn’t much in the dragon’s eyes, he was still a second level sage realm cultivator. Even injured, that was still an existence that couldn’t be underestimated.

This young man was just a minor origin realm cultivator, but possessed a battle ability far beyond his cultivation, and a number of techniques that made...

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