Chapter 486: Use of All Trump Cards, Destroying Wei Wudao

Chapter 486: Use of All Trump Cards, Destroying Wei Wudao

The dragon was also immensely disappointed once it saw Jiang Chen’s cultivation level. “Young man, even this sage can’t help but suspect your intelligence. You could’ve escaped, why did you come out to your death? Your cultivation is leagues apart from his!” The dragon sighed in the dragon language.

When Jiang Chen had first appeared and spoke fluent dragon, the dragon had actually felt a bit of anticipation for this human’s next move. But when he actually saw Jiang Chen make his move, his hope evaporated like a snowflake in the desert. Although the youth had a decent strength, that was at most when facing off against a sky origin realm cultivator. It was absolutely a different case when compared to a sage realm cultivator.

Even though Wei Wudao had successfully knocked aside Jiang Chen’s arrows, he was still slightly surprised at the strength behind them. A minor origin realm cultivator is capable of exhibiting the battle ability of a sky origin realm cultivator!? A trace of alarm began to grow in Wei Wudao’s heart. If he didn’t...

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