Chapter 486: Use of All Trump Cards, Destroying Wei Wudao

Chapter 486: Use of All Trump Cards, Destroying Wei Wudao

The dragon was also immensely disappointed once it saw Jiang Chen’s cultivation level. “Young man, even this sage can’t help but suspect your intelligence. You could’ve escaped, why did you come out to your death? Your cultivation is leagues apart from his!” The dragon sighed in the dragon language.

When Jiang Chen had first appeared and spoke fluent dragon, the dragon had actually felt a bit of anticipation for this human’s next move. But when he actually saw Jiang Chen make his move, his hope evaporated like a snowflake in the desert. Although the youth had a decent strength, that was at most when facing off against a sky origin realm cultivator. It was absolutely a different case when compared to a sage realm cultivator.

Even though Wei Wudao had successfully knocked aside Jiang Chen’s arrows, he was still slightly surprised at the strength behind them. A minor origin realm cultivator is capable of exhibiting the battle ability of a sky origin realm cultivator!? A trace of alarm began to grow in Wei Wudao’s heart. If he didn’t kill this kind of opponent, he would only be fostering trouble for himself in the future.

He sneered, “Kid, do you think you can avoid death by hiding behind that little eel? I admit that your cultivation isn’t bad, you even count as one of the premier geniuses of the Myriad Domain. However, the dumbest thing you’ve done yet was running out to play the hero even though you had the opportunity to escape. Since you’ve come so boldly, how would I be able to face the senior executives of your Regal Pill Palace if I were to let you go? Even giving you Sunpiercer, just who are you to old man Yun Nie?”

As an elder of the Walkabout Sect and a master of poisons, Wei Wudao often sparred with Elder Yun Nie of the Regal Pill Palace. In fact, he had a bit of a grudge with the elder. He immediately recognized the weapon when Jiang Chen brought out Sunpiercer. From there, it was easy enough to conclude that this youth had a relationship with that elder of the Regal Pill Palace.

Sunpiercer was just something that Jiang Chen was using to cover up his true attack. Instead of responding, he just laughed, making a hand seal as he did so.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh!

A slew of vines tore through the walls and ground of the cavern. At first count, they numbered around eighty, each as thick as a full grown tree. They wove through the air, clustering together to form a bristling wall. Every twist and curve of the vines gave off a palpably lethal aura.

“The hell is this?” Wei Wudao was stunned. However, he was still a sage realm expert. A little complication like being besieged by vines wasn’t enough to faze him. “Kid, you certainly have some ability to boast about. At least, being able to dual train water and fire is quite the feat. But.. so what!? Do you think that you could rely on mere minor origin realm cultivation to try and refine me with fire? Or use ice to seal me in?”

The Bewitching Lotus of Fire and Ice was unequalled, but only when it was facing a strength on par with or slightly above it.

The enormous gap between the minor origin realm and the mortal sage realm wasn’t something that could be crossed on a moment’s whim, so Wei Wudao naturally had reason to dismiss Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen furrowed his brow, “Wei Wudao, were you uninjured, I may not have dared to try challenging you. But, here you are, a single strike away from crumbling. This sort of risk is definitely worth it for the spring.”

It was like Wei Wudao had heard a truly amusing joke as he broke out in hearty laughter. “It looks like you truly believe you have a chance! In which case, let me give you a look, an abject lesson on how puny a minor origin realm is in front of a sage realm cultivator!” He put away the flute, drawing instead the blood-red longsword he had used before.

Pfft pfft pfft pfft!

Wei Wudao’s body was a shadow as it flashed by four of the vines. The four vines were severed with barely any resistance, falling limply to the ground.

Jiang Chen’s pupils contracted swiftly, apparently surprised by a sage realm cultivator’s overbearing ability. When he faced off against Sunchaser and Yan Hongtu previously, at most, they could only sever one vine. Wei Wudao had sliced away four with a single careless stroke. He well deserved the reputation of a second level sage realm cultivator. However, Jiang Chen wasn’t disheartened. He manipulated the fire lotus, sending gouts of flame through the air. His finger stabbed forward and the air began to sizzle and sear.

“Skyblaze Supernova Point!” Supernova Point was his strongest attack he’d developed so far. It was like an inferno had descended from the skies, a white hot pyre to its target. The terrifying fire elemental power congealed at the very tip of his finger until it streaked through the air with an explosive blast.

Wei Wudao was also quite surprised when he saw the strength behind this finger. Such domineering strength is coming from a minor origin realm cultivator?

He laughed heartily, “Interesting, hmm? But, go back and suckle at your mother’s teat for a few more years before coming to challenge me!” He extended his hand and several runes rippled out, expanding in the air. Suddenly, the water curtains of the Rune of Heavenly Water cascaded down in front of Wei Wudao, defending against the Skyblaze Point with barely a ripple.

On the other side, Jiang Chen wasn’t dejected by this development. Instead, he chuckled and suddenly reached out with his right hand, his fingers constantly flickering gently through hand seals as if he was playing the zither.

Suddenly, all the lotuses began swaying to an odd rhythm. The cadence gave off a mesmerizing feeling, not at all like the battle crazed tempo that had just happened. A strange raspy sound echoed in the air, emitted by the vines as they swayed.  

Wei Wudao held his breath for a moment, feeling strange. “What are you playing at, kid?” He fell silent, trying to figure out what was happening. The battle’s rhythm had suddenly flipped from a furious back and forth to this drastically slowed tempo. There was definitely something odd going on.

But what was strange about it?

Wei Wudao stared at the rhythm of the lotuses, determined to read something from it. There seemed to be a frightening attack held within this bizarreness that would spell disaster for him at any second.

Except, no matter how he stared, he couldn't see through it. He suddenly yawned as a thought flashed through his mind. It might be nice to take a nap.

That thought didn’t seem to come alone, as it was followed by many more like, surging into his consciousness like a locust plague. As he looked at the vines sway, milky-white mist began to drift from from, an oddly appropriate accompaniment the rhythm.

“What’s going on?” Wei Wudao’s heart suddenly sank as he felt his body soften. He actually had the urge to drift away to sleep.

His consciousness began to dissipate.

“Wei Wudao, you’re injured. It won’t ever heal if you don’t rest. Take a nap.” This voice kept reminding him in his consciousness, hypnotically lulling him to sleep. He felt that something was amiss, but a strong sense of drowsiness kept muddling his senses.

He suddenly shook his head and his body.

Jiang Chen hastily yelled when he saw this, “Wei Wudao, look here!” Just now, he’d been releasing the sap from the Divine Tree of Dreams from the vines. He’d first obtained it in the Valley of Destruction during the initial selection in the sixteen kingdoms. Since even he had almost fallen to its hypnotic scent, he’d learned his lesson and collected large amounts of sap, but hadn’t had a chance to use it after refining it.

He’d released it through the Lotus just now to hypnotize Wei Wudao. Even the swaying of the vines was an imitation of the tree.

However, Wei Wudao’s strength of heart was still stalwart, even though he was deeply injured. He desperately hung onto a sliver of wakefulness, and wasn’t completely lulled by the Divine Tree.

It would’ve sent him into eternal slumber once the hypnosis took effect. It was a pity that there was that final step left.

When Wei Wudao shook himself all over, Jiang Chen knew that the Divine Tree hadn’t fully succeeded. But it had provided him with an opportunity, a chance where his enemy’s consciousness was at its weakest, and his defenses the lowest. At that moment, Jiang Chen fully activated the Evil Golden Eye and infused it with all the metal power he could control, melding the two into a brilliant beam that shot into Wei Wudao’s eyes.

Wei Wudao’s consciousness was already half asleep thanks to the Divine Tree’s hypnosis. Although he was still hanging onto a sliver of consciousness, he still wasn’t fully awake and was thus at his most vulnerable. On the other hand, Jiang Chen’s every move had been for the sake of this blow with the Evil Golden Eye. In fact, it could be described as an attack sent at his peak condition.

Even one sitting at the peak of the sky origin realm would likely lose in the face of this sparkling missile. But it still wouldn’t be enough to take down Wei Wudao… had he not been in his current condition.


He shook all over as it suddenly felt like thousands of golden needles had shot into his eyes, drilling into the depths of his blood vessels.

“No!” Although Wei Wudao didn’t know what kind of art this was, but he knew the signs of trouble when he saw it, and he’d definitely sensed it when that golden light burrowed into his body. He suddenly threw back his head and howled, “Little swine, I…”

But his voice petered out into silence before he could rant more. His pupils contracted rapidly as all his circulation seemed to freeze. The power of metal in that Evil Golden Eye had thoroughly assimilated his circulation and froze instantly.

Jiang Chen didn’t hesitate when he saw that he’d succeeded. He gathered up the immense power of metal once again and stabbed at the air from afar, focusing his power into a meteoric streak that shot towards Wei Wudao.

Supernova Point!

This was his strongest point thus far, combining the power of metal essence with the strongest power of metal from the magnetic golden mountain, coalescing into the “Galaxy Supernova Point”.

If an expert from ancient times demonstrated this move, the power within would be enough to crush the stars, moon and sun.


Just like a supernova, Wei Wudao’s body suddenly exploded. The boundless attack utterly fragmented him. His nascent soul didn’t even have time to emerge before it too was incinerated to dust.

Jiang Chen himself was secretly impressed by the power behind this finger. The strength of this move was far beyond his expectations.

Now that his enemy was dead, Jiang Chen also breathed a sigh of relief. He’d used almost all his power and all his trump cards this time. Even so, a large part of why he’d won was Wei Wudao’s heavy injuries. Otherwise, even all of his arts would’ve been incapable of defeating this second level sage realm.

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