Chapter 485: Jiang Chen Reveals Himself

Chapter 485: Jiang Chen Reveals Himself

Jiang Chen had no lack of ability or courage, and he fully exploited the Lotus’ enormous capability to surreptitiously move upwards. Numerous ice and fire lotuses had taken up residence a few meters beneath and around the cavern. Jiang Chen’s consciousness descended upon them to observe the brutal fight.

The cavern was a wreck, fallen boulders dotting the area.

A black dragon was coiled atop an enormous boulder, staring viciously at a particular rock wall. The hunchback had already lost an arm, and his chest and back were covered with bloody wounds. He was panting heavily.

“You despicable human, how dare you set up a poison formation in my territory! What sect are you from?! When this sage one leaves this area, I’ll make sure to annihilate your sect!” The dragon’s awe-inspiring voice reverberated around the cavern, echoing to and fro.

“Hahaha!” The hunchback began to laugh maniacally, in spite of his injuries. “Such big talk! I might actually be slightly afraid of you if you weren’t poisoned to this state. You still want to throw your weight around after...

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