Chapter 484: Dragon!

Chapter 484: Dragon!

All of a sudden, thunder-like cracks rang out from the shores of the lake. The several hundred stone stairs next to the lake’s surface trembled as the ground rumbled. The rumbling intensified, until the cavern itself began to quake. Enormous boulders shook loose from the rocky walls. It was a good thing that Jiang Chen and Mu Gaoqi were protected by the water curtain, which deflected all the rocks for them.

The hunchbacked expert had a dark face, shooting an intense glare of utmost killing intent at Mu Gaoqi. He knew that the last yell had still disturbed the great being, completely ruining his plans!


A green light abruptly shot up from the ground in front of the lake, creating a frightening rift in the earth. A black tail suddenly poked out through the crack. It extended into the air, seemingly probing the air. After a moment, it slapped down audibly towards the hunchback.

The hunchback had been on his guard ever since the earth had started to quake. He immediately dodged towards the stairs...

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