Chapter 483: Rune of Heavenly Water, Prison of Water

Chapter 483: Rune of Heavenly Water, Prison of Water

In the end, Jiang Chen had his own principles. He wouldn’t have antagonized these people if they hadn’t laid hands on him. After all, they had put quite some effort into their schemes, but unfortunately, those plans couldn’t entrap one of Jiang Chen’s strength. Sadly, this group was sly, slippery, and deeply selfish. They’d actually banded together to act against him! There was no way he would show them mercy.

He waved his hand and the petals of the ice lotus opened up, swallowing the struggling fellows whole.

Jiang Chen didn’t feel the slightest ripple of emotion as he watched this scene expressionlessly. The world of martial dao was just as cruel as this. If he was soft hearted and let them off, they would undoubtedly raise even more trouble when they left and returned to the sect. 

He’d never liked to create trouble for and hobble himself with restraints of his own making. Mu Gaoqi was still speechless, trying to make sense of the near unbelievable turn of events.

Jiang Chen’s strength and presence gave him a formless pressure. He knew that it would be beneficial to himself when he invited Jiang Chen,...

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