Chapter 482: Waste of Scheming, Easy Trampling

Chapter 482: Waste of Scheming, Easy Trampling

“Gaoqi, remain here.” Jiang Chen said. Although the two sides in front of them were heavily injured, Jiang Chen’s intuition told him that something was a still bit off. Something strange was entwined in the air of this unfamiliar place, forcing him to stay on his guard.

Lin Feng and Feng Wanjian didn’t care much for that as they strode over, already hefting their swords to enthusiastically send the four on their way. Feng Wanjian stopped in front of Xu Gang, chuckling, “Xu Gang, you vile swine! You broke our oath and brought in an earth origin realm cultivator. Your karma has arrived!” He swung down at Xu Gang’s neck after speaking.

Jiang Chen didn’t stop them. He was more interested in that rare spirit herb. However, he felt something untoward the moment Feng Wanjian struck downwards, and instantly halted in his steps, preparing to back up. At the same time, a ghastly cry came from Feng Wanjian as he collapsed in a heap on the ground.

The Walkabout Sect disciple who’d been lying in a pool of blood stood up with a sinister smile. He didn't look injured at all!

Almost at the same time, the light from a blade flashed...

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