Chapter 481: Schemes and Plots

Chapter 481: Schemes and Plots

“It’s over.” Lin Feng and Feng Wanjian had thought they could smoothly cross the lake after using the Star and Moon Glyph, but they hadn’t thought that things would take a drastic turn in the next instant.

As their bodies were engulfed by the several hundred meter tall wave, even mobilizing every scrap of origin power in their bodies wasn’t enough to stop their downward momentum. The deeper they descended, the fiercer the heat became, as if it would swallow and melt them whole. They were well aware that heat of this intensity would melt their bodies even if their bodies were cast in bronze or iron.

However, the instant before they impacted the lava, a vine appeared before their eyes. The vine twisted into an intricate knot around them and flung them both over to the other shore.

Whoosh whoosh!

Their bodies sped through the air like loosed arrows.

This reversal in fortunes happened in the blink of an eye. Even as they landed, stumbling from the abrupt halt, their faces were ashen and their hearts still hammering fiercely from their near scrape with death.


The wave in the lake once again reared to a height several meters taller than before. Inside...

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