Chapter 480: Chaos in the Lava Region

Chapter 480: Chaos in the Lava Region

The Walkabout Sect disciples would naturally not stick around after launching an ambush. After all, even though they were gifted in using poison, they would still die without a doubt if the group managed to catch up and mob them. Even so, Jiang Chen remained on guard. He wasn’t afraid of not being able to detect hidden weapons, but there was no detriment to Yue Pan taking the lead.

That so-called first priority was just a verbal agreement. Who would follow that when push came to shove? Besides, would Yue Pan really make it to the end? No one knew that for sure either.

The boiling lava frothed like boiling pot of water, constantly bubbling and churning. Occasionally, enormous waves several meters long, would crash onto the shores of the lava lake.

Even though those present were of the origin realm, they could still feel the heat of the lava. If they were knocked about by the waves and caught by the lava current, they would most likely die in agony.

If they wished to cross, they had to pass over the enormous lava lake in front of them. It looked several hundred meters wide and wouldn’t be difficult to cross this distance with their...

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