Chapter 479: Danger Emerges

Chapter 479: Danger Emerges

There seemed to be no end to the inky depths of this cavern. Their footsteps gradually slowed as the chilly air continued to grow heavier. Apart from the sound of their scattered footsteps, the cavern was eerily quiet.

It almost felt like they’d entered an independent world, completely cut off from everything beyond this endlessly dark cavern.

Jiang Chen suddenly shoved something at Mu Gaoqi, “Gaoqi, take this.” It was the spirit pearl of fire and ice that the tenth rank inspector Feng Beidou from the Sky Sect had given Sunchaser before Jiang Chen and Sunchaser had fought during the Precious Tree Sect alliance. When Sunchaser had been torn apart by the Lotus, it had swallowed the pearl as well, coming into Jiang Chen’s hands. Although Feng Beidou was pained at the loss of this treasure, he wasn’t so thick-faced as to demand it back. After all, his sect had indubitably lost that match. Now that this cavern was setting off Jiang Chen’s senses, he decided to take some precautions in case he was unable to save his fellow disciple, and gave the pearl to Mu Gaoqi in the event of an emergency.

Being Feng Beidou’s treasure, the pearl...

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