Chapter 478: Fists Determine Reason

Chapter 478: Fists Determine Reason

Indeed, Xu Gang laughed heartily, “How about this, Daoist Gaoqi, you two stay here and wait. We’ll go in and scout ahead first. You can bring up the rear when the Walkabout Sect shows up.”

“I think that will do. Daoist Gaoqi is highly principled and most suited to wait here.” Feng Wanjian also concurred.

Mu Gaoqi may be cautious and wary in nature, but that didn’t mean he was a fool. It was obvious from Xu Gang and Feng Wanjian’s spectacle that they wanted to ostracize him. Mu Gaoqi’s lips twitched, but even so, he remained silent and just stood in place with a flushed face, like a wife who’d been bullied.

Jiang Chen could tell that each of these people had their own schemes. None of them viewed Mu Gaoqi as an ally. Now that his pills were divided amongst them, his importance was coming to an end. Judging from their posture, the four sects wanted to leave him out in the cold.

Jiang Chen followed quietly behind Mu Gaoqi. He decided to wait and see first. If this group really planned on leaving Mu Gaoqi out of the spoils, he naturally wouldn’t agree.

The five pairs...

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