Chapter 477: Geniuses Converge on Bluesky Mountain

Chapter 477: Geniuses Converge on Bluesky Mountain

Huang'er and Elder Shun had traveled around the world these years, living an extremely simple life that could almost be termed boring beyond belief. But even so, Huang'er felt it to be a marked improvement over her previous life. At the very least, she didn’t have to be submerged in daily plots and scheming. She had been surrounded from birth by intrigues and machinations.

She was thoroughly sick of those crazy struggles.

Ever since Elder Shun had brought her out from the shadows to meet Jiang Chen and the others at the Eternal Spirit Mountain, her life and mindset had changed drastically, as had her heart.

Gouyu was forthright and passionate, loving and hating with equal fervor. Jiang Chen’s bearing was profoundly extraordinary, both just and aboveboard. Xue Tong and the others were all stoutly loyal to Jiang Chen. Each of their personalities were vibrant and frank, with no ulterior motives about them. She could completely open her heart around them, not needing to be on her guard at all.

This kind of life was simple, happy, and full of light every day. She’d unknowingly fallen deeply in love with this...

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