Chapter 477: Geniuses Converge on Bluesky Mountain

Chapter 477: Geniuses Converge on Bluesky Mountain

Huang'er and Elder Shun had traveled around the world these years, living an extremely simple life that could almost be termed boring beyond belief. But even so, Huang'er felt it to be a marked improvement over her previous life. At the very least, she didn’t have to be submerged in daily plots and scheming. She had been surrounded from birth by intrigues and machinations.

She was thoroughly sick of those crazy struggles.

Ever since Elder Shun had brought her out from the shadows to meet Jiang Chen and the others at the Eternal Spirit Mountain, her life and mindset had changed drastically, as had her heart.

Gouyu was forthright and passionate, loving and hating with equal fervor. Jiang Chen’s bearing was profoundly extraordinary, both just and aboveboard. Xue Tong and the others were all stoutly loyal to Jiang Chen. Each of their personalities were vibrant and frank, with no ulterior motives about them. She could completely open her heart around them, not needing to be on her guard at all.

This kind of life was simple, happy, and full of light every day. She’d unknowingly fallen deeply in love with this kind of life some time ago. This simple and happy time had also been unblemished by the torment of the Generation Binding Curse due to Jiang Chen’s temporary treatment. She’d almost forgotten her cares and worries.

She wished things would never change.. If only this could continue forever.

So when Jiang Chen mentioned the Requiem Wood and the matter of dispelling the curse, she wasn’t filled with delight, but rather a faint sense of loss. She even quietly hoped that that day would never come. She’d grown used to this ordinary and real lifestyle.


Three days later, after Jiang Chen had made the appropriate arrangements for those left in his residence as well as specially visited Sage Dan Chi to let him know, Jiang Chen left the Regal Pill Palace with Mu Gaoqi. With the numerous disciples entering and leaving the Rosy Valley every day, neither Jiang Chen nor Mu Gaoqi elicited much attention, since neither counted as the most preeminent disciples in the Valley.

Jiang Chen summoned the Goldwing Swordbirds soon after leaving the sect. Although Mu Gaoqi had his own steed, its speed was obviously far below Jiang Chen’s advanced Swordbird. When Mu Gaoqi saw Jiang Chen’s Goldwing Swordbird, he was also filled with admiration.

Jiang Chen was also quite generous as he immediately gifted one to Mu Gaoqi. “Daoist Gaoqi, this Goldwing Swordbird has an exceedingly finicky appetite. The more pills you feed it, the faster it will break through.”

Mu Gaoqi nodded continuously, “Of course, that’s a given.”

The trip to the outskirts of the mountain still took a full four days even on the back of the Goldwing Swordbirds. Many peaks and knolls, wreathed by mist, could be glimpsed in the depths of the mountains as they flew above. It was impossible for the Swordbirds to follow the curve of the land.

When they alighted, Mu Gaoqi reminded Jiang Chen, “Brother Jiang Chen, this is the Million Range Bluesky Mountain. There are many monsters and beasts here, as well as all sorts of frightening bugs. Various strange lifeforms exist here too, such as fatal trees, vines, and flowers. You must be careful when walking around here.”

Jiang Chen nodded, “Where did you arrange to meet the others?”

“We agreed upon a place inside the mountain. Brother Jiang Chen, if they ask about you, don’t reveal your true name. Just make up a fake one.” Mu Gaoqi was being quite conscientious as he reminded Jiang Chen over and over again of the important details.

Jiang Chen naturally had no particular opinions. He was here for the spring with wood spirit energy. Everything else were just minor details to him. He would do what Mu Gaoqi told him to do as long as it didn’t exceed his bottom line.

Jiang Chen activated his God’s Eye and Psychic’s Head along the way, striking out cautiously. Although they met with many tests, nothing became a threat with Jiang Chen taking proactive action to resolve them.

Mu Gaoqi led Jiang Chen to a rock outcropping after roughly an hour. There were all sorts of oddly shaped, enormous stones around this place. Some were upright, but others flat on the ground. Some protruded diagonally, with the assorted forms giving onlookers quite the visual impact.

“This is the place.” Mu Gaoqi looked around and murmured to himself. “It looks like we’re the first ones here.”

Jiang Chen smiled faintly and didn’t refute his words, when in reality, his Psychic’s Head had already sensed three groups of people hidden in the rocks. They only walked out when they saw it was Mu Gaoqi.

All three groups had come in pairs. It seemed that they’d agreed on allowing everyone one assistant each. No one had broken the agreement in this area.

When Mu Gaoqi saw these people walk out from the shadows, he immediately became a bit nervous. “I thought I was the earliest; I hadn’t thought that you all were even faster,” he stammered.

“Gaoqi, we’re all depending on your pills this time, did you bring enough of them?” One of the cultivators was attired in a golden robe, the longsword slung across his back making him look quite fierce.

“I did, I did!” Mu Gaoqi chuckled.

“And this is?” The golden clad cultivator sized up Jiang Chen with a measuring look.

Mu Gaoqi hurriedly responded, “This is one of my peers in the Regal Pill Palace. He put a lot of effort into the pills I’ve refined, so I brought him with me today.”

Jiang Chen could see that Mu Gaoqi’s tone was quite humble. Clearly, his first level origin realm status was one of the lowest in the group. If it wasn’t for the others needing his pills, he likely wouldn’t have had the right to participate.

Jiang Chen paid silent attention to those around him. The duo containing the golden-clad, longsword wielding man was likely from the Sacred Sword Palace.

The other two had the moon, sun and stars embroidered on their robes. They were likely from the Tristar Sect.

The remaining two were wearing inky black robes, marking them as Dark North disciples.

Jiang Chen hadn’t seen their faces before, but he’d seen the clothing during the alliance ceremony between the Precious Tree Sect and Regal Pill Palace. It seemed like those participating in this venture were cultivators from all the first rate sects in the Myriad Domain. Apart from the Great Cathedral and the Walkabout Sect, the rest of the six great sects were all accounted for.

The golden-clad one from the Sacred Sword Palace frowned, “Is the Great Cathedral so arrogant? Why aren’t they here yet?”

“Feng Wanjian, [1] is your mouth always this foul?” An angry shout sounded through the empty air as soon as the Sacred Sword Palace cultivator had finished complaining. Following the bellow, two stocky silhouettes swiftly flew down from the rocks.

The two were wearing robes made of animal skins, revealing sturdy arms and thighs, giving off a primal aura. Their hair was in messy disarray, giving them a distinct touch of a wild lion. The one walking in front was tall and well-built, seemingly to crush the rocks with each stride he took. His gait was oddly graceful, like that of a tiger on the hunt.

When this person appeared, Feng Wanjian of the Sacred Sword Palace went white and shut his mouth appropriately.

“I’m not late, am I?” The Great Cathedral disciple flashed a toothy grin. A noticeable scar on his right cheek became even more fierce looking with his smile. “Allow me to introduce myself. I am Yue Pan of the Sacred Lion family in the Great Cathedral. My junior brother has invited me to meet all the various geniuses in the Myriad Domain here today.” The disciple behind Yue Pan was also from the Sacred Lion family, named Xu Gang.

Feng Wanjian glared at Xu Gang with dissatisfaction. “What do you mean by this, Xu Gang? Didn’t we agree that we’d bring helpers on the same level? We’re all of the minor origin realm, so what the heck do you mean by bringing along an earth origin realm helper?”

Xu Gang’s word were steady as he explained, “When I first invited senior brother Yue Pan, he was only at third level origin realm. Then, two days before we left, he broke through to earth origin realm. I couldn’t exactly go back on my word after I’d invited him, could I? If I’d invited him but didn’t bring him in the end, he might’ve told others and thus attract the attention of some of the stronger disciples. At that point, would there be a spot left for any of us for the spring?”

Xu Gang’s words made quite a bit of sense, at least to the point where the others couldn’t refute him.

Jiang Chen also took a look. Out of the six from the Sacred Sword Palace, Tristar Sect and Dark North Sect, they were all of the minor origin realm. The strongest of them were but third level origin realm, with none in the earth origin realm.

The Great Cathedral disciple showing up with an earth origin realm comrade broke this careful balance.

Mu Gaoqi actually smoothed over the situation at this point. “In my opinion, so what of an earth origin realm. We all decided on exploring this area together.” However, Mu Gaoqi held a bare minimum of status in the group, and was easily ignored when he spoke. Feng Wanjian flicked a glance at Mu Gaoqi, snorting coldly as he did so. His gaze flicked towards Jiang Chen, and unconcealed disdain appeared in his eyes. It was apparent that Mu Gaoqi had no right to speak at all in this group. When they saw that his helper wasn’t even third level spirit realm, this gave him even less of a right to speak.

Xu Gang chuckled and walked towards Mu Gaoqi, “Daoist Gaoqi, we agreed that you would supply the pills last time. Are you ready? If so, now would be a good time to hand them over.”

Mu Gaoqi bobbed his head. “I’ve prepared them.” He took out a great deal of flasks and bottles from a storage ring, “These are Vitality Pills that clears and cures poison, these are Jade Iceheart Pills that will soothe burns, these are Yang Coalescence Pills that will dispel frigid air, and these are Immutable Profound Heart Pills that will clear internal demons.” He distributed out a portion into everyone’s hands, not forgetting to include Jiang Chen as well.

It was obvious that he’d spent quite some effort in preparing these items and had fulfilled his responsibilities to the letter.

But these folks weren’t polite or considerate at all. They immediately began inspecting the pills after receiving them. It was apparent that they had a suspicious mindset, and although Mu Gaoqi was as honest as could be, they were still worried that he had done something to the pills.

When Mu Gaoqi saw their actions, he didn’t dare say anything even though he felt a bit aggrieved.

By the time they’d finished checking the pills, the meeting time had long passed. Xu Gang looked below, “Those pussies from the Walkabout Sect probably didn’t have the guts to come. The time has come and gone, let’s head in.”

Even though everyone was quite dissatisfied that Xu Gang had brought an earth origin realm cultivator along, this proposal was met with general approval. This meant that they would have one less set of opponents.

Only Mu Gaoqi spoke timidly, “How about we wait a bit more? We all agreed on moving together, wouldn’t it be bad if we don’t wait for them?”

Jiang Chen sighed internally when he saw Mu Gaoqi act so subservient. Mu Gaoqi was likely used to being the good guy and didn’t want to offend anyone. However, when this kind of weak personality was combined with a lack of strength, who would pay attention to anything he said?

  1. The latter two characters of his name mean “ten thousand swords”, very appropriate given his sect

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