Chapter 476: Breakthrough, Peak of Second Level Origin Realm

Chapter 476: Breakthrough, Peak of Second Level Origin Realm

Jiang Chen immediately entered closed door cultivation to refine pills when he arrived back at his residence. The resources from Elder Yun Nie temporarily allowed him to cast off poverty, bidding a fond farewell to being poor.

He was refining Spirit Consolidation Pills for Gouyu this time. Although Mu Gaoqi had given him quite a few, Jiang Chen wasn’t satisfied with their quality, and truth be told, they didn’t come in enough quantity either.

When he saw how the geniuses of the Regal Pill Palace treat the Spirit Consolidation Pills like one would rice, and the comparative poverty of his followers as they struggled through the sixteen kingdoms, Jiang Chen had realized how his new sect raised geniuses. Those who specialized in the civil subjects were poor, and those in the martial, rich. The gap between the poor and the wealthy in this world of martial dao wasn’t just an ordinary gap at all.

Take Gouyu and the others for instance, their potential wasn’t low at all. They weren’t the least bit inferior to most of the geniuses in the Regal Pill Palace. The only reason their cultivation level was far below their peers was due to their lack of resources. This time, Jiang Chen would thoroughly take care of this gap in resources.

He emerged from closed door cultivation after half a month, bringing out a thousand Spirit Consolidation Pills. At minimum, they were upper rank pills, and a tenth of them were even supreme rank pills.

Jiang Chen doled them out according to each person. Gouyu, Xue Tong, and all the other followers received two hundred each, as did Tang Hong. As for Lian Canghai and the others, he only gave them ten.

As the saying went, do not reveal one’s wealth. Those who weren’t his closest friends naturally wouldn’t have the right to enjoy these benefits. If it wasn’t out of consideration for Lordmaster Ye Chonglou, he wouldn’t have spared a thought on those three.

With these two hundred Spirit Consolidation Pills, Jiang Chen believed that his people wouldn’t have to worry about resources until they reached the peak of the spirit realm. Particularly Tang Hong, he had already reached the sky spirit realm, and these pills may allow him to enter the ranks of spirit king and assail the origin realm.

Jiang Chen had to admit that compared to the Regal Pill Palace, the Precious Tree Sect had simply pathetic levels of resources! Even that Divine Fruit of the Rosy Dawn was at most worth twenty Spirit Consolidation Pills, and only the preeminent geniuses being worthy of using them. In the Regal Pill Palace, any elder could easily refine several thousand Spirit Consolidation Pills, with any young genius of talent possessing the ability to refine their own.

One had to say, a seventh rank sect such as the Precious Tree Sect was more than ten times inferior than the Regal Pill Palace in terms of resources.

When Gouyu and the others received the pills, it was like a fish introduced to water. Their cultivation exploded into action. Gouyu even started her assault on the sky spirit realm.

Jiang Chen didn’t relax either. There were still two months or so until his agreement with Mu Gaoqi. He would naturally not fall behind on his training.

“Only when I entered the origin realm did I learn that my distance from the top geniuses of this world is still that broad. I will never be weaker than others in this life!” Jiang Chen tossed a crystal core from hand to hand. He decided to start refining the core of the Redscaled Firelizard. An origin level core was enough to make his cultivation level fly forward in a short amount of time.

He estimated that the Firelizard had been of the earth origin realm when it was alive. This core would allow him to charge into earth origin realm in a short amount of time. Add the Origin Fostering Pills into the mix, and Jiang Chen could realistically set his sights on attaining the sky origin realm in three years. Although he was only first level origin realm now, he was confident that his predicted time frame was all he needed to overcome six levels of cultivation.


Refining the Firelizard core was a long and arduous process, taking over a full month of Jiang Chen’s concentrated effort. As he refined the core, the Firelizard’s powerful origin power surged through his body, surrounding and nourishing his nascent soul. The film that lay over first level origin realm was torn apart as Jiang Chen soared to the peak of second level origin level!.

“The Firelizard core actually holds more than ten times the energy of the Raven King’s! What a pity that he was past the prime of his life and was dragged down to death by a flock of spirit realm Fire Ravens.” Jiang Chen sighed, thinking that if it wasn’t for the Firelizard having lost most of his cultivation as a result of him nearing death, even ten times the number of Fire Ravens wouldn’t have been able to take him down, much less that pitiful flock.

Even a tiger would be bullied by dogs when it descended the mountain.

Jiang Chen had no time to rejoice when he broke through. Even though he’d achieved this in a short amount of time, he knew that this was an advantage brought to him by the Redscaled Firelizard core. It would continue to add to his cultivation for a year until he reached earth origin realm. Only then would the power within the core be fully consumed.

“It looks like I should identify an archery art after receiving Sunpiercer from Elder Yun Nie.” The half-sage weapon that Jiang Chen had received was destined to become a lethal weapon. God’s Eye combined with the bow would make Jiang Chen a lethal foe to face. Its power would be even more frightening that the Moonshatter Flying Daggers.

After all, although the Moonshatter Flying Daggers art was strong, he didn’t have throwing daggers with the requisite strength. The ones he’d crafted from the Fire Raven tail feathers didn’t possess as much power in the origin realm as they had in the spirit realm. But he didn’t deny the technique’s strength, especially as he had yet to even train its accompanying arts to their peak.

The God’s Eye and Ear of the Zephyr were both at the twentieth level, a far cry from the peak of the thirty second. He’d only progressed to the sixteenth level for the Boulder’s Heart, with latecomer Psychic’s Head up to the ninth level.

“I’ve only excavated one tenth of the mysteries of the Moonshatter Flying Daggers. When I train all four arts to their peak levels and possess throwing daggers that complement them, that will be when I truly shatter the moon and stars!” Jiang Chen would also naturally continue to focus on the Bewitching Lotus of Fire and Ice and the magnetic golden mountain. This two treasures had enormous potential and were far from being used to their utmost. They weren’t even displaying a tenth of their abilities yet.


He’d had several visitors when he was in closed door cultivation, with Mu Gaoqi being the most frequent. The latter had never sought to disturb Jiang Chen after he found Jiang Chen had entered closed door cultivation. But as the date of their agreement drew ever closer, he became more and more anxious, worried that Jiang Chen would forget their agreement amidst his training. If that happened, Mu Gaoqi would certainly be in hot water. He hadn’t made any backup plans after inviting Jiang Chen. If the latter couldn’t make it, then finding emergency help would be very difficult. Ordinary helpers wouldn’t be as suited as Jiang Chen either, nor set Mu Gaoqi at ease like his new friend could.

It was good thing that Jiang Chen finally emerged three days before their agreed upon date. “Brother Jiang Chen, you’ve finally come out. I was getting really anxious!” Mu Gaoqi’s heart settled back in his chest when he saw Jiang Chen.

“Daoist Gaoqi, I would’ve never gone back on my word after making a promise to you. When do we go?”

“Three days from now!” Mu Gaoqi had chosen the date long ago. “I’ve prepared everything, we just need to depart in three days.”

“Alright then, we go in three days.” Jiang Chen sent him off after agreeing to the time, then summoned the Goldbiter Rat King. “Ole Gold, I’ve been thinking of ways to help you evolve your bloodlines. We have a chance to right in front of our eyes.”

The Rat King had broken through to the origin realm ever since eating the flesh of the Firelizard last time. However, the overall evolution of his tribe was what he was most concerned with. He was delighted to hear Jiang Chen say so. “Young master Chen, what chance?”

Jiang Chen went over the information concerning the spiritual spring brimming with wood energy. “Ole Gold, exploring this spring will definitely not go that easily. However, I will give you a chance when we enter. You need to first identify a pack of elites amongst your tribe, a group with superior bloodlines, and stand ready.”

The Rat King had been willing to follow Jiang Chen and leave the maze realm because the latter had promised he would help elevate the Goldbiter Rat’s bloodlines. This was something to do with the future and fortune of their entire tribe!

In their years of following Jiang Chen, they had accomplished many things for him and was a great aid in times of need. Jiang Chen also knew that the key to their continued loyalty lay in whether he would be able to help their bloodlines ascend.

He’d kept this matter on his mind, and had finally located a clue this time from Mu Gaoqi. If Mu Gaoqi’s intelligence was right, then that spring was a natural place of spirit power. If the Goldbiter Rats were baptized in such a place, it would greatly increase their chances of bloodline evolution.

If this tribe really possessed the bloodlines of the ancient Goldbiter Kingrats, the bloodline would certainly show up in certain tribe members. If they could awaken more of their heritage memories, the strength of their tribe would increase multifold.

Jiang Chen still needed helpers, and the Goldbiter Rats were currently his best card.

The Rat King was extremely agitated, “Young master Chen, if our tribe can ascend back to the ancient bloodline, you will be the greatest savior of our tribe. I swear that I will always be loyal and serve the young master!”

The Rat King was very smart. He had followed Jiang Chen for so many years and long since observed how extraordinary this human was. This human was his tribe’s destined one. If they wanted to change their fates, the only correct choice was to follow him.

“Miss Huang’er, I might need to go for a short while. How are you feeling lately?” Jiang Chen had nothing to worry about when it came to his followers, but since Elder Shun had left Miss Huang’er in his care, he had to do his best to take care of her.

Even though he too knew that she was no ordinary person, in his heart, no matter how mysterious she was or how much power she hid, Miss Huang'er was still a patient who Elder Shun had entrusted to him.

Miss Huang'er smiled, “Huang'er feels much better since Sir Jiang has started your treatment. I play the ‘Ethereal Soothing Melody’ everyday and bask in the joy of life. That is all.”

“That puts my mind at ease. I can only hope that Elder Shun finds the Requiem Wood sooner rather than later to set all worries to rest.” Having spent some time with Huang’er, Jiang Chen was rather appreciative of the genteel and kind young girl. He only felt that a fairy in the mortal world shouldn’t be tormented by such affliction.

Huang'er nodded lightly, thinking to herself, If the Generation Binding Curse is dispelled after the Requiem Wood is located, I must return home. Is life there really better than what it is here?

Ripples of emotion grew in her heart as she sank into quiet contemplation of her dilemma.

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