Chapter 476: Breakthrough, Peak of Second Level Origin Realm

Chapter 476: Breakthrough, Peak of Second Level Origin Realm

Jiang Chen immediately entered closed door cultivation to refine pills when he arrived back at his residence. The resources from Elder Yun Nie temporarily allowed him to cast off poverty, bidding a fond farewell to being poor.

He was refining Spirit Consolidation Pills for Gouyu this time. Although Mu Gaoqi had given him quite a few, Jiang Chen wasn’t satisfied with their quality, and truth be told, they didn’t come in enough quantity either.

When he saw how the geniuses of the Regal Pill Palace treat the Spirit Consolidation Pills like one would rice, and the comparative poverty of his followers as they struggled through the sixteen kingdoms, Jiang Chen had realized how his new sect raised geniuses. Those who specialized in the civil subjects were poor, and those in the martial, rich. The gap between the poor and the wealthy in this world of martial dao wasn’t just an ordinary gap at all.

Take Gouyu and the others for instance, their potential wasn’t low at all. They weren’t the least bit inferior to most of the geniuses in the Regal Pill Palace. The only reason their cultivation level was far...

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