Chapter 474: Rewards After Pill Formation

Chapter 474: Rewards After Pill Formation

Elder Yun Nie was excited beyond words and decided to take advantage of this streak to refine more pills. But due perhaps to his agitation at producing an upper rank pill for the first time, he let slip a tiny flaw into his refining and ended up producing a mid rank pill on his second try.

By the time he’d begun the third attempt, he’d regained his equilibrium and followed his tempo from the first refining attempt, producing another upper rank Hexarune Dragon pill.

Although a supreme rank pill hadn’t made an appearance, two upper and one mid rank pill were far beyond Elder Yun Nie’s expectations. Before Jiang Chen’s appearance, his wish had only been to refine a satisfactory lower rank pill. But now, his accomplishments had exceeded his wildest dreams.

“Congratulations to Elder Yun Nie!” Jiang Chen didn’t lust after these pills at all. For one, he had no use for them at his current stage of cultivation. For another, he could easily refine the same if he collected enough materials. Moreover, he had a thirty to forty percent surety of producing supreme rank pills. However, judging from the elder’s delighted, face splitting smile,...

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