Chapter 473: Pill Refinement Pointers

Chapter 473: Pill Refinement Pointers

Elder Yun Nie’s words gave Jiang Chen a few ideas, but he was in no hurry to express them. He smiled faintly. “Elder, the success or failure of refining pills is determined by the details. As such, I don’t dare jump to any conclusions before seeing your refining process. However, the act of observing your refining is maybe be suspect if I intend to copy your techniques. Therefore, it is up to the elder’s say if this kid can observe your refinement.”

Jiang Chen was neither hurried or panicked. He wasn’t in a rush now that he’d successfully captured the elder’s attention. There was no more need to go banging on the door.  All he had to do was pretend to be demure and wait for the elder to come beg him.

If the elder felt that his refining process was a classified secret, then this kind of paranoid person wasn’t worth working with. Jiang Chen naturally didn’t need to beg this elder for crumbs. Jiang Chen believed that as long as the elder still bore a shred of hope for the Hexarune Dragon Pill, he would absolutely be willing...

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