Chapter 472: The Hexarune Dragon Pill

Chapter 472: The Hexarune Dragon Pill

However, Jiang Chen wasn’t mesmerized by Elder Yun Nie’s appearance. An elder skilled with refining pills wouldn’t have any problem at all maintaining his looks. This young looking elder was at least two, three hundred years old. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have the seniority of working for two generations of Palace Heads.

“Elder Yun Nie, disciple Jiang Chen is so bold as to come and accept the mission.”

Elder Yun Nie rarely ventured outside and never cared much for matters of the outside world. Even though Jiang Chen’s name had spread throughout the entire Regal Pill Palace in the past couple of days, he was completely in the dark.

If one had to find ten people who did as they wished in the Regal Pill Palace, this elder would surely rank in the top three. He wouldn’t care even if the whole city had been set aflame. There was only pills, refinement, and pill refinement in his life. In addition, he had a particular habit that no one could disturb him when he was refining pills. He also had a standing gag order on gossip and rumors in his residence. Therefore, his followers...

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