Chapter 471: An Eight Star Mission

Chapter 471: An Eight Star Mission

The missions of the Regal Pill Palace ranged from one to ten stars, with the difficulty ranging from easy to difficult. To the core disciples, there was nothing hard about missions below five stars, but the rewards were nothing to them either.

Jiang Chen browsed the five star missions and felt that although their rewards were acceptable, they didn’t hold much allure to someone who urgently needed resources like him. He looked at the six star missions but wasn’t quite satisfied with them either.

Their rewards didn’t whet Jiang Chen’s appetite, and these missions were all very time-consuming. If he was going to take up long-term residence in the sect, then these missions would be rather appropriate. But Jiang Chen had promised Mu Gaoqi that he would go explore the spiritual spring after three months, so he was unable to accept the lengthier missions.

“Aren’t there any more technically-difficult ones that take up less time?” Jiang Chen had already walked to the seven star missions as he murmured to himself.

The one in charge of this area was a middle-aged man. He smiled upon hearing this, “There are naturally missions that have a higher technical barrier to them, but I’m afraid that they may not be suited for you young folk.”

Jiang Chen hurriedly responded, “There really are?”

The organizer was surprised, “Are you truly not joking?”

“Truly. If such missions exist, please introduce them to me, Sir Organizer.”

The organizer sized Jiang Chen up and laughed, “I won’t be able to introduce some of them to you, but there’s been a few missions that have hung there for quite a while. Many young geniuses have tried them because of the rewards, but no one has succeeded up to now.”

“Mm, yes! I’m looking exactly for such missions.” Jiang Chen was delighted, just because other people don’t know how to do them doesn’t mean I don't. I, Jiang Chen, am well-versed in handling all sorts of difficult matters and problems.

The organizer laughed, “ I know of an eight star mission that was posted by a senior elder. The elder had already gained his position when our previous Palace Head held his position. With Sage Dan Chi at the helm now, this elder is now a venerated elder, a position in the top five of the elder council.

A high position and seniority, this kind of elder would certainly have stunning amounts of wealth and a strong foundation in the sect. The mission that he posted would certainly come with great rewards.

Jiang Chen was immediately interested when he heard it was an eight star mission. He extrapolated that if he completed it, then the resources for himself and his followers would be taken care of for the next two years. There was no reason for him to give up such a mission, and he hastily responded, “What mission is this? I want to request this eight star mission.”

“I actually don’t know the details, just that a dozen or so have requested it in the last couple of years, but none of them have completed it.”

“That is the one then.” Jiang Chen considered no further.

“Are you sure? Don’t blame me for not reminding you, but those who didn’t complete the mission had quite a tough time from that elder.”

Jiang Chen chuckled, “I’m sure, I’m sure. Hurry and give me the mission.” That others couldn’t, didn’t mean that he would fail as well. If it was a pill-related mission, Jiang Chen didn’t think there’d be anything that would stump him. As long as it wasn’t a time-consuming mission, what problems would he be unable to resolve, hmm?

The organizer handed over the mission medallion to Jiang Chen. “The elder’s mental mark is on here. You only need to infuse it with your own consciousness in order to read the mission content. The mission location, content, requirements as well as the rewards are all in there.”

Jiang Chen slowly left the Hall of Spring and Autumn after receiving the medallion, infusing his consciousness into it. He suddenly grew serious on the inside when his consciousness slammed into the elder’s mental mark.

Mission: Hexarune Dragon Pill

Mission Location: Regal Pill Palace, Hundred Elders Peak, Yun Nie Residence

Mission Requirements: Increase the quality of refined pills

Mission Rewards: A thousand Origin Fostering Pills, one half-sage weapon, and enormous amounts of spirit medicines

Jiang Chen wasn’t concerned with the content of the mission, what he cared about were the rewards. He was immediately tempted upon seeing these rewards.

A thousand Origin Fostering Pills!

One half-sage weapon and enormous amounts of spirit medicines!

“He’s a venerated elder alright, now these are truly generous rewards!” Jiang Chen’s heart pounded when he saw these rewards.

This elder had such a high position and had lived so long that he probably treated something like an Origin Fostering Pill as eating stir-fried beans. Even three thousand was likely no pressure for him, much less a thousand of them.

A half-sage weapon was even more of a great item. Apart from the nameless saber with an unknown rank at the moment, even the weapon modified from the Redscaled Firelizard bone was only of origin level.

The Firelizard was a saint rank creature, which equated to the human origin realm. Only when spirit creatures reached a true saint rank would they be the same as a human sage realm. Spirit creatures didn’t have nascent souls, so they weren’t called origin rank creatures, but saint rank instead.

As for the elder’s reward, a half-sage weapon was an existence even more amazing than an origin rank weapon. It was a heavenly weapon for a origin realm cultivator.

There wasn’t even a number placed on the spirit medicines, just “enormous amounts”. What did that indicate? It meant that one could have as much as they wanted. One could see from the rewards that the elder truly valued the Hexarune Dragon Pill.

“Hexarune Dragon Pill?” Jiang Chen went through his prior life’s memories, but found no mention of this pill.

“No worries, the methods for pills may vary, but the principle is the same. I will surely be able to analyze the source of what’s wrong as soon as I look at the pill recipe of the Hexarune Dragon Pill.” Jiang Chen had spent most of his time on divine and heavenly matters in his past life. The Hexarune Dragon Pill wasn’t a particularly renowned pill name. It was normal that he didn’t remember it.

However, any extraordinary pill would have an improved version of it. “Perhaps I studied the enhanced version in my past life. All is a mystery without the recipe. Forget it, let’s make the trip first.”

Jiang Chen possessed great skill and courage. He decided that he would take the risk once for that tremendous reward. If all failed, he’ll just be in for a yelling and possibly even a beating. He was a Regal Pill Palace disciple at the end of the day, he wouldn’t be beaten to death just for not completing a mission now, would he?

Jiang Chen felt even less pressure as his thoughts traveled down this path. Elder Yun Nie wasn’t one of the elders who’d tried to recruit him before, so there was no conflict between the two either.

He didn’t meet any resistance when he entered the Hundred Elders Peak with the mission medallion. However, when the guards saw that it was Elder Yun Nie who’d issued the medallion, they looked at Jiang Chen with looks of surprise intermixed with pity.

It was apparent that Elder Yun Nie’s mission was widely famous throughout the sect. Many young disciples had gone to request this mission, but had been discovered that they were just trying their luck.

Elder Yun Nie had given them all a thorough beating for their efforts, leaving them with momentous amount of black eyes and puffy bruises. Although it didn’t lead to any problems, it was still quite embarrassing.

As time went on, everyone knew that this wasn’t a mission to request. The disciple would end up being thoroughly worked over if things didn’t work out. So when they saw Jiang Chen walk in brimming with confidence, sympathy was written all over the guards’ faces.

“Another young man not afraid of being beaten. Heh heh, Old Li, how do you think this kid will be beaten up? Will there be more lumps on his face or his head?”

Another guard sighed. “Old Yu, your eyes have gone dull. The one who’s just walked in is Jiang Chen, the one’s who’s been so famous lately, the genius that the Palace Head himself anointed. I’ve heard that he displayed amazing skills in the pill competition against Yan Hongtu. Perhaps he’ll be different.”

Old Yu laughed, “So what? Elder Yun Nie’s mission isn’t something that the younger generation can take care of. In my eyes, the kid’s still in for a beating.”

Jiang Chen paid no heed to the various discussions behind him. However, he roughly understood the elder’s temper from the whispers behind him. “It looks like he’s an eccentric old man with a rough temper.” That was his initial assessment. “However, I appeal to young and old alike, and specialize in taming ornery folks. The old man wants to beat me? Not happening!” His confidence was unstoppable when it came to pills.

Jiang Chen quickly arrived at the entrance of the Yun Nie residence, and the elder’s followers quickly blocked his way, only letting him in when they knew he was here for the mission. However, they all inwardly shook their heads when they saw how young Jiang Chen was. Their expressions clearly said, another one for a beating.

Jiang Chen ignored the various odd looks and walked in unconcerned. He was fascinated by the residence as soon as he set foot inside. He had to admit, the residences of the Rosy Valley were utter trash when compared to the elders’ residences.

An expansive home with the aura of happiness was flourishing with advanced spirit medicines everywhere. Order reigned in every area, appearing both luxurious and grand.

“Another one for the mission?” Elder Yun Nie walked out when he heard the news.

Both of them were slightly surprised when they saw each other. In Jiang Chen’s imagination, this Elder Yun Nie should be a shifty-looking, mean and ugly old man. He hadn’t thought that the elder would look like a weak scholar in his middle ages, appearing quite lonely in his blue robes. He wasn’t the run down old man in Jiang Chen’s imagination at all, and was even less apparent that he was a violent elder who liked to beat others.

As for Elder Yun Nie, he was surprised by Jiang Chen’s youth. After making a habit of beating those who arrived, no more young folks dared come try their luck and treat his residence as a tourist stop. He hadn’t thought that a ridiculously young one would come by today!

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