Chapter 471: An Eight Star Mission

Chapter 471: An Eight Star Mission

The missions of the Regal Pill Palace ranged from one to ten stars, with the difficulty ranging from easy to difficult. To the core disciples, there was nothing hard about missions below five stars, but the rewards were nothing to them either.

Jiang Chen browsed the five star missions and felt that although their rewards were acceptable, they didn’t hold much allure to someone who urgently needed resources like him. He looked at the six star missions but wasn’t quite satisfied with them either.

Their rewards didn’t whet Jiang Chen’s appetite, and these missions were all very time-consuming. If he was going to take up long-term residence in the sect, then these missions would be rather appropriate. But Jiang Chen had promised Mu Gaoqi that he would go explore the spiritual spring after three months, so he was unable to accept the lengthier missions.

“Aren’t there any more technically-difficult ones that take up less time?” Jiang Chen had already walked to the seven star missions as he murmured to himself.


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