Chapter 466: A Contest of Controlling Fire

Chapter 466: A Contest of Controlling Fire

“Have you heard? The master of the Soaring Clouds area, Yan Hongtu, wants to duel with the new core disciple Jiang Chen!”

“I’ve heard that they’re betting on three matches, using martial dao and pills as the first two arenas. If the results of the first two are inconclusive, they’ll choose another subject for the third bet.”

“Heh heh, I hear the forfeits are quite large!”

“Aren’t they now! If Jiang Chen loses, he’ll need to be Yan Hongtu’s follower for three years. If Yan Hongtu loses, he’ll have to hand over his stipend for the next three years to Jiang Chen. It’s been set down in paper and ink, and apparently they’ve made an oath to the heavens and earth!”

“A follower for three years on one hand, and three years of stipend on the other. These two really have some balls, huh!”

“Hmph, Yan Hongtu is sinking to new lows of depravity. It’s one thing to play around at being a king in the Soaring Clouds area, but now he’s bullying newly ascended core disciples! He really is disgracing himself.”

“The monkey reigns in the mountains when the tiger is absent. Yan Hongtu is a smart one alright. He knows that he’d only...

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