Chapter 465: Huang’er Makes Her Move

Chapter 465: Huang’er Makes Her Move

Jiang Chen was in complete readiness as he stood in front of the door. The aura of a lone spear holding back the entirety of the enemy forces radiated from him alone. He would be just as calm and reserved as usual even if the wind howled like horde of hungry beasts, rain lashed down in an unending storm, or ten thousand troops thundered towards him..

Suddenly, his God’s Eye flickered as he shouted, “Be open and righteous if you’ve come to make trouble! A vaunted Regal Pill Palace core disciple like you shouldn’t act like a petty ruffian in a marketplace, stirring up an ignorant mob to cause a ruckus! I feel disgusted for you even if you don’t!” By the time he was done speaking, his God’s Eye had completed a sweep of the surroundings, up to five miles in every direction.

Silhouettes flickered in the distance from all directions, shooting towards him. Clearly, Yan Hongtu had quite a bit of charisma. Whether these people were here of their own accord or not, the influence he commanded in the Soaring Clouds area was obvious.

“Any more of you? Come on out!” Jiang Chen snorted coldly.

All the core disciples parted to the sides, leaving a path down the...

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