Chapter 464: Stunning Four Seats with One Point

Chapter 464: Stunning Four Seats with One Point

Obviously, these guards weren’t at too high a level. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be stationed at the door. Most of them were at the sky spirit or spirit king level, placing them at the same level as most of the core disciple followers.. They would only have the right to live within the Rosy Valley once they entered the origin realm. Before then, they could only slave away as someone else’s follower or earn resources through missions.

Therefore, the origin realm was a moat in the top Myriad Domain sects. Breaking through to the origin realm opened up a wide path of light for one, but until one did so, one’s fate was dipped in mediocrity. When a cultivator broke through to the origin realm, it was akin to a carp transforming to a dragon after leaping through the dragon’s gate.

But of course, there were more than a hundred thousand disciples who had yet to reach the origin realm, and only so many who could do so. It was apparent from a glance at the Rosy Valley that those who could break through were few and far in between, even in a fourth rank sect like Regal Pill Palace.

Even if Jiang Chen didn’t have much seniority, he was still a core...

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