Chapter 463: Great Barkers Are No Biters

Chapter 463: Great Barkers Are No Biters

Mu Gaoqi obviously didn’t wish to speak too much about Yan Hongtu, merely reminding Jiang Chen that submitting to the local tyrant was leagues better than offending him. To that end, he was even willing to spend his own money to smooth things over for Jiang Chen.

“Brother Jiang Chen, if you are unwilling to set aside face or spend money, I can bring over some more pills that you can use to fob him off with and end this matter. He won’t make trouble for you in the short term if he gains some benefits from you.” Mu Gaoqi’s careful personality destined his style to be passive and weak. He would rather spend money to resolve problems than fight for himself.

Jiang Chen didn’t look down on the other for that. He knew that Mu Gaoqi had no backer in the Regal Pill Palace, and his martial dao potential wasn’t at the level of a favored son of heaven. One who eked out survival in the cracks of life was fated for a life philosophy of being prudent and humble. It wasn't Mu Gaoqi’s fault.

They exchanged another round of pleasantries before Mu Gaoqi took his leave. The latter reminded Jiang Chen over...

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