Chapter 462: The Demigod of Wood

Chapter 462: The Demigod of Wood

Yan Hongtu attempting to take Jiang Chen down a peg wasn’t out of the latter’s expectations. Jiang Chen would have anticipated something along these lines even if Dan Chi hadn’t warned him beforehand.

He was a foreigner after all, and had suddenly taken up residence in the core disciples’ territory. It was virtually impossible for everyone to accept him straight off the bat, not to mention the reputation that came along with him. The sage one himself had deigned to ally with the Precious Tree Sect because of Jiang Chen!

Just this point alone was enough to make Jiang Chen a target of public censure.

Everyone was a genius here, and what genius would submit to another?

Jiang Chen was the genius from a small place and had suddenly received so much attention from Dan Chi. Who wouldn’t nurse some little grievance or plot in their hearts? How many wouldn’t suffer from the slightest upwelling of jealousy? This Yan Hongtu was just one of their representatives. Of course, Jiang Chen also knew that some things were unavoidable and had to be subdued head on in order to survive in the sects.

“Young master, it seems that this Rosy Valley isn’t all that either. Vile characters seem to abound like ghosts around here.” Gouyu huffed.

Jiang Chen was rather noncommittal....

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