Chapter 461: Jiang Chen Refuses To Be Taken Down a Peg

Chapter 461: Jiang Chen Refuses To Be Taken Down a Peg

Jiang Chen passed through Rosy Valley unchallenged, thanks to his medallion of a core disciple. However, his group of followers were a bit more… conspicuous.

The Qiao Brothers, Guo Jin, and the others were all in the first or second level spirit realm. They stuck out like a sore thumb in Rosy Valley.

One had to know that the core disciples in the Rosy Valley were all firmly in the origin realm. Most were in the earth origin realm, and a few had even reached the sky origin realm.

Even if those geniuses were to accept followers, they wouldn’t accept those with a low cultivation level for no reason at all.

The weakest of their followers were in the sky spirit realm, or even spirit kings.

Those in the small spirit realm such as Xue Tong and the others were almost nonexistent in Rosy Valley. Even the medicine boys running errands in the Rosy Valley were mostly in the earth spirit realm.

Therefore, the guards to the Rosy Valley had wry expressions of surprise when they saw Jiang Chen’s followers. They found this scene rather amusing.

Gouyu’s personality was bold and unconcerned, but she could also feel that their cultivation level seemed to be something...

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