Chapter 461: Jiang Chen Refuses To Be Taken Down a Peg

Chapter 461: Jiang Chen Refuses To Be Taken Down a Peg

Jiang Chen passed through Rosy Valley unchallenged, thanks to his medallion of a core disciple. However, his group of followers were a bit more… conspicuous.

The Qiao Brothers, Guo Jin, and the others were all in the first or second level spirit realm. They stuck out like a sore thumb in Rosy Valley.

One had to know that the core disciples in the Rosy Valley were all firmly in the origin realm. Most were in the earth origin realm, and a few had even reached the sky origin realm.

Even if those geniuses were to accept followers, they wouldn’t accept those with a low cultivation level for no reason at all.

The weakest of their followers were in the sky spirit realm, or even spirit kings.

Those in the small spirit realm such as Xue Tong and the others were almost nonexistent in Rosy Valley. Even the medicine boys running errands in the Rosy Valley were mostly in the earth spirit realm.

Therefore, the guards to the Rosy Valley had wry expressions of surprise when they saw Jiang Chen’s followers. They found this scene rather amusing.

Gouyu’s personality was bold and unconcerned, but she could also feel that their cultivation level seemed to be something embarrassing for Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen was rather calm. This so-called gap was only temporary. It was only due to those in the Valley being born in a better place and thus receiving better resources from the Regal Pill Palace.

If Gouyu, Xue Tong, and the others had been born here, there was a high likelihood that they would be inner disciples, if not core disciples.

Gouyu’s cultivation level had been rising without pause after eating a green Divine Fruit of the Rosy Dawn. She was now at the peak of the earth spirit realm. However, this level of cultivation was still nothing compared to the other followers of the core disciples.

A few of them, wearing the obvious adornments of followers, crossed their paths along the way. All of them were, at minimum, at the sky spirit realm.

Their faces displayed unconcealed mockery when they saw Gouyu and the others.

Some even started muttering, “Look at what the cats dragged in. When did the requirements of the Rosy Valley become this lax?”

“Indeed, the Rosy Valley is a place reserved for geniuses among the core disciples. How did people who aren’t not even worthy of running errands make it in here?”

“Pfft, is this kind of trash worthy of entering the Valley? They’ll be thrown out sooner or later.”

Although these murmurings weren’t loud, they were perfectly audible to Jiang Chen and the others.

Jiang Chen’s gaze grew frosty, flicking over to these fellows.

These followers didn’t dare cause trouble when faced with Jiang Chen’s aura. They shrank in on themselves and quietly slunk away.

Although they didn’t feel much pressure speaking idly about Gouyu and the others, they still didn’t dare act impudently in front of Jiang Chen.

They wouldn’t be able to seek justice anywhere if Jiang Chen beat them up. Although their masters could make an appearance and regain face for them, it wasn’t worth it to take a beating for free!

Gouyu was a bit depressed. “Young master, we’ve lost face for you.”

Jiang Chen laughed, carefree, “This is called snobs throwing their weight around. This is all they’ll ever amount to in their lives. Is there a need to fuss about such short sighted people?”

Huang’er also took Gouyu’s arm lightly. “Big sister Gouyu, these people accumulate no virtue with their mouths and do not have the appropriate breadth of mind for martial dao. Sir Jiang is correct, there’s no need to bother with them. I trust that sister Gouyu will be far beyond them in a few years.”

Huang'er was as considerate as always. Her every word and gesture always gave one the feeling of a breath of fresh, spring air.

Although Gouyu was dejected, she felt a lot better after Huang’er’s words.

She grasped Huang'er's hand, her eyes smoldering with determination. “Younger sister Huang'er is right. How could I, Gouyu, possibly admit defeat to these people? They were merely born in a slightly better place than me. I’ll make them look up to me in a few years!”

She’d always been one to not admit defeat to a guy. Now that she was being contemptuously dismissed, her self-respect had been severely challenged.

Huang'er laughed lightly, “Precisely the case! Sister Gouyu is incredibly clever—there’s no doubt you’ll be able to do it!”

Gouyu also smiled, “You’re the clever one! If I were a guy, I would definitely fall for you.”

“What a pity that sister Gouyu is not a male.”

Gouyu’s spirits had taken a great turn for the better, and remained in good cheer as the group arrived at Jiang Chen’s residence.

The Rosy Valley had plenty of room, with quite the distance between each residence. There was ample private space to prevent being disturbed.

Jiang Chen’s residence wasn’t actually the best in terms of terrain, and in truth, it was one of the lower quality ones in the Rosy Valley.

This was because Jiang Chen was only of the first level origin realm and lacked the qualifications for a higher level residence.

Even so, this residence was still much grander than the one he’d had in the Precious Tree Sect.

Gouyu and the others were all delighted when they entered the doors, completely sweeping away their previous melancholy.

This residence was designed in quite a grand fashion. There was a cultivation area, living quarters, relaxation area, receiving area, pill refinement room, and weapon refinement room. Areas for all sorts of purposes could be found here.

Even if he had another ten or twenty followers in addition to his paltry few, they would’ve all been able to live comfortably as well.

“Younger sister Huang’er, look at this medicine garden! You’ll have ample space to exert yourself in the future for your flowers!” Gouyu was quite excited.

Huang'er smiled slightly, taking a stroll around the residence.

She would be spending part of her foreseeable future here.

Jiang Chen was catching up with everyone after they’d all settled in when a voice came in from the outside. “Senior brother Jiang Chen, my house’s master, senior brother Yan Hongtu tells you to make a visit.”

The voice came from a follower.

When Jiang Chen walked outside, he saw a spirit king cultivator standing outside, wearing the adornments of a follower.

Although the person looked at Jiang Chen respectfully, there was a subtle sense of superiority about him. It was apparent that he wasn’t quite accepting of the core disciple who’d just entered Rosy Valley.

“Senior brother Yan Hongtu?” Jiang Chen’s brows furrowed. He wants me to make a trip just when I’ve arrived?

Logically speaking, certain courtesies still had to be extended even if the other wanted him to make a trip. Sending a random follower to pass on a message—there were obvious hints of contempt and even blatant provocation in this action.

If this senior brother Yan Hongtu was truly interested in the newcomer, he should’ve been the one to pay the visit. After, Jiang Chen was newly arrived in the Valley and wholly unfamiliar with everything.

“Correct. Senior brother Yan Hongtu is one of the masters of the Soaring Clouds area of Rosy Valley.” A thick sense of pride suffused the words of the spirit king follower.

It was as if being senior brother Yan Hongtu’s follower was the utmost pride and joy of his life.

Jiang Chen nodded his head lightly, “Tell me the address. I’ll pay him a visit when I have the time.”

Although Jiang Chen was a bit displeased, he didn’t erupt in open hostilities.

“What do you mean pay a visit when you have the time?” The follower blanked momentarily and looked at Jiang Chen incredulously. “Senior brother Jiang Chen, you don’t know the rules because you’ve just arrived, right? In the Soaring Clouds area, senior brother Yan Hongtu is bestowing favor if he wishes to see someone. Who doesn’t immediately spring to action when they hear of his summons, afraid to be even a moment too late? Are you… are you sure that you’ll wait until you have time to? You’ll make senior brother Yan Hongtu wait?”

Halfway through, his words were tinged with an odd tone, a supercilious smile plastered on his face.

He was obviously telling Jiang Chen, how dare you reject our actions in giving you face? It is such a great honor that senior brother Yan Hongtu wishes to see you. How dare you drag your feet?

Jiang Chen smiled faintly. “I still have some things to attend to and won’t be able to see you out.”

He wasn’t an easy target or a yes man. Am I to trundle over immediately to listen to your speeches whenever you, Yan Hongtu, summons me?

Jiang Chen wasn’t the sort to be easily summoned even when he was free, never mind at a time when he was busy, as he was at the moment.

It wasn’t that no one could stir him to action, but that he didn’t even know this senior brother. Their relationship was far from the point of him being on call.

It was obvious that this Yan Hongtu wanted to take Jiang Chen down a peg. How would Jiang Chen possibly play along?

The follower was absolutely flabbergasted when he saw Jiang Chen’s attitude.

Apparently, senior brother Yan Hongtu was his sky, his everything in the world.

He’d never thought there would be someone who dared resist against his senior brother’s will in the Soaring Clouds area. There had once been a core disciple who hadn’t obeyed, but he’d been taught quite the lesson in the end!

There were four areas in the Rosy Valley, and although the Soaring Clouds area was the lowest level, Yan Hongtu had absolute authority here since he was the boss.

There really had been no rookie over these years who’d dared dragged his feet when Yan Hongtu issued a summons.

“You must think things through carefully, senior brother Jiang Chen. If you don’t go now, even if you want to in the future, you may not have the chance.”

Jiang Chen’s expression grew frosty. “I’ll go when I want to. Can the master of your house kidnap me and force me there if I don’t want to?”

Jiang Chen was also irate at this point.

A follower was still a follower in the end. He didn’t dare act too atrociously in front of a core disciple. He only chuckled coldly and cast a pitying look at Jiang Chen.

In his eyes, the future of this rookie who’d offended senior brother Yan Hongtu was basically over.

Yan Hongtu was a twenty something year old genius in the Regal Pill Palace. An aquiline nose punctuated a thin, vicious looking figure. He lived in the best residence in the Soaring Clouds area and held power over everything in this section.

He could absolutely be promoted to a higher level area with his cultivation level and strength, but he liked the power and prestige of holding sway over an area.

It was said that one would rather be the mouth of a chicken than the behind of a cow.

He’d rather be the boss of the Soaring Clouds area than be subject to someone else’s orders in a higher level area.

Over the years, Yan Hongtu had maintained his personal strength and authority at the peak. No one dared naysay him.

Which core disciple in this area would dare show him such lack of face?

His face instantly darkened when his follower brought this message back.

“He’ll come visit when he has time to?” Yan Hongtu flew into a rage. “When did the rookies of the Soaring Clouds area develop such personality?”

“Senior brother Yan, that kid looks like a country bumpkin and obviously doesn’t think much of you. In my view, this kind of stubborn country mule will have no idea who the boss here is if we don’t rough him up a bit.”

The follower also added fuel to the flame, his tone dripping with provocation.

“Hmph, I’ve heard that this Jiang Chen has quite a name for himself in the Precious Tree Sect. He probably really thinks he’s something in the Regal Pill Palace.” A few hints of derision appeared on Yan Hongtu’s ruthless face.

“Pah! Who the hell is he? A small place like the sixteen kingdoms alliance has completely exaggerated him. He’s just a clueless rookie in the Rosy Valley. He’ll coil himself up even if he’s a dragon, and lay flat if he’s a tiger!” The follower carried on in the same vein as Yan Hongtu and started talking tough.

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