Chapter 460: The Identity of a Core Disciple

Chapter 460: The Identity of a Core Disciple

Venerated Ninelion did indeed greatly admire Jiang Chen. He even sought Jiang Chen’s opinion on the alliance during the banquet he personally hosted. Jiang Chen didn’t hold back either, offering up his analysis that with the current development of the greater picture, under the caveat that the Myriad Spirit Sect could retain its legacy, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to ally with the Great Cathedral. That would be lot more palatable when compared to becoming a Sky Sect vassal.

Venerated Ninelion could also see that it would be very difficult to remain independent under the current circumstances. With the strength of those involved, only a finger would be needed to crush a mere sixteen kingdom sect. No matter how receptive or unwilling they were, the smartest thing to do in light of the circumstances was find an appropriate backer.

After catching up with Liu Wencai for a bit, Jiang Chen took his leave and descended the mountain, smiling when he left, “Wencai, I look forward to meeting you again in the Myriad Domain.”

Tang Hong also walked up and loudly smacked his fist onto Liu Wencai’s chest. “If you can’t make it into the rankings after three years, don’t go around telling others you’re my br...

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