Chapter 459: Traveling to the Regal Pill Palace

Chapter 459: Traveling to the Regal Pill Palace

Jiang Chen wasn’t depressed after he learned of the enormous gap he had to surmount. On the contrary, he was even more motivated to train.

“I was able to make three great strides in a few years and enter the origin realm from the true qi realm. Why cannot I continue this momentum and assail the sage realm, or even emperor realm in a few more years?”

What Jiang Chen lacked the least now was confidence.

The Precious Tree Sect had also understood this gap at the same time and would no longer stand still, refusing to make progress and clinging to their boring, sectarian views.

Forefather Thousandleaf said without hesitation, “Sage Dan Chi, my Precious Tree Sect has a favor to ask.”

“Please, speak.” Dan Chi was a forthright person who wasn’t overly concerned with details.

“Our two sects are both raising Jiang Chen, I hope to send a few more young disciples to the Regal Pill Palace for further training. With how the situation is changing, I’m worried that if these young folk will be unable to keep up with the times if they remain in the Precious Tree Sect.”

Thousandleaf pointed at Tang Hong and the others. “These are the cream of the younger generation in the Precious Tree Sect. Although they aren’t on the same level as the premier geniuses of the Regal Pill Palace, they are still the elite of my sect.”

Dan Chi had naturally since seen that Tang Hong was brothers with Jiang Chen.

As for  the others such as Xie Yufan, Lian Canghai, and Iron Dazhi, they were all the best the Precious Tree Sect had to offer. Along with Tang Hong, they made up the four geniuses of the Precious Tree Sect.

Dan Chi would naturally not decline this kind of small matter. He waved his hand and smiled, “These are all small matters since our two sects have allied together. Jiang Chen, what do you think?”

It was apparent from Dan Chi’s sudden inquiry of Jiang Chen that he quite valued Jiang Chen’s opinions.

Iron Long from the Precious Tree Sect almost couldn’t sit still when he heard this question, his heart clenching with anxiety. He was quite worried that Jiang Chen was holding a grudge and would prevent Iron Dazhi and Lian Canghai from proceeding to the Regal Pill Palace.

Lian Canghai and Iron Dazhi both knew that this was an opportunity to change their fates. Their hearts shot to their throats, the very picture of anxiety as they looked at Jiang Chen nervously. Desperately worried about the outcome, they almost couldn’t bear the suspense.

Their future and destiny were in his hands at this moment, how would they not be nervous?

Jiang Chen wasn’t the sort to bear a grudge. The Iron family had been more or less sincere in their softened attitude, and they’d sent over vast amounts of resources to make up to him afterwards.

Although he hadn’t accepted them, he had no need to go toe to toe with them, not with his current status.

“It’d be more lively with more people as well. It also saves me from going to the Regal Pill Palace myself, all by my lonesome. In my view, the younger generation will need someone to keep us in line. Why doesn’t Forefather Thousandleaf hold down the fort at the Precious Tree Sect, and Venerated Chonglou lead the group to the Regal Pill Palace?”

Jiang Chen hadn’t forgotten Lordmaster Ye Chonglou.

If choosing between Forefather Thousandleaf and Ye Chonglou, he was still biased towards the latter.

Although Forefather Thousandleaf had helped him greatly and seemed to be a sincere person, all of that aid had been added grace to what was already beautiful.

Ye Chonglou was different. It had been Lordmaster Ye Chonglou who’d stretched out a helping hand when Jiang Chen was at his lowest and in need of help. He’d sent Jiang Chen the warmth of coal when he was stuck in the snow.

This kind of relationship was different.

Dan Chi smiled, “This would be for the best. I will be able to discuss with Daoist Ye if anything comes up.”

Forefather Thousandleaf naturally wouldn’t object. He too felt that it would be a good thing if Ye Chonglou went to supervise these young men.

Sage Dan Chi also arranged for the group of Regal Pill Palace disciples to take up residence in the Precious Tree Sect.

Of course, to avoid the matter of disciples not willing to spend a prolonged period of time in the Precious Tree Sect, the group would be rotated every half year.

In addition, those who came to stay in the Precious Tree Sect would see their sect benefits doubled.

This way, those who were sent to the Precious Tree Sect didn’t have much of an opinion, and were inwardly delighted instead.


“We walk towards high heights. It is naturally a good thing for Sir Jiang to go to the Regal Pill Palace. Huang’er is Sir Jiang’s patient and is naturally happy for your future path.”

There was no surprise in Huang'er's tone, as if Jiang Chen leaving for the Regal Pill Palace was completely within her expectations.

“It’s just a pity that I’ll have to bid farewell to the flowersI’ve cultivated in these past couple of days. I will rather miss them.”

Huang'er sighed lightly, some yearning filling her tone.

If anyone else had said those words, she would’ve appeared quite coy and fake. However, the presence that Huang'er exuded seemed to make this flora part of her family, that her words were an outpouring of true emotion.

As for Gouyu and the others, they were long since used to this kind of migration. When they heard that Jiang Chen had a better place to go to, they would naturally follow him to the end.

Third uncle Jiang Tong and cousin Jiang Yu had long since settled into their lives in the Skylaurel Kingdom and were flourishing very well.

Cousin Jiang Yu in particular, had earned a place among the senior ranks in the Myriad Treasures Palace, married, had children, and was living a life that was the envy of others.

Qiao Baishi was enjoying marital bliss with Elder Ning, sharing a tender love and also held a high position with authority in the Azure Heaven Southern Palace.

Everyone had their own stable lives; each with power, and status that they never would’ve thought possible in the Eastern Kingdom. This was enough.

Jiang Chen naturally wouldn’t disturb them now that they reached their own happy endings.

“Young Master Chen, are you really not taking me with you?” Old man Fei Xuan had a look of dejection on his face.

He was absolutely and thoroughly willing to go with Jiang Chen, but the latter wasn’t planning on taking him this time.

“Ole Fei, you’re an elder in the Precious Tree Sect, a position with immense authority. None of us know what things will look like in the Regal Pill Palace, so why waste time there? Why not develop with peacefully in the Precious Tree Sect and support Forefather Thousandleaf? If you still think of what I’ve done for you, then please take care of my uncle, cousin, Qiao Baishi and the others.”

Fei Xuan nodded, “But of course. Forefather Thousandleaf would’ve made sure of that even without your say so. Who would dare touch them?”

Just who would be so blind as to provoke Jiang Chen’s family?

Yang Zhao and Lu Wuji had been unable to bear up in the face of Jiang Chen’s wrath even before he’d been discovered by the sects.

Now that his name was known throughout the sixteen kingdoms, who would dare tug on the tiger’s whiskers?

Once everything had been arranged, the group set out under Ye Chonglou’s guidance to hasten to the Regal Pill Palace with Dan Chi and the others.

When a well wrapped Huang'er showed up with a cape in the entourage, Dan Chi threw a surprised look her way.

When the group passed through Myriad Spirit Sect territory, Jiang Chen thought of his brother Liu Wencai. He said to Dan Chi, “Sage Dan Chi, I have an old friend, a brother in the Myriad Spirit Sect. I know not when I’ll see him again with my departure. I’d like to go see him. Please go ahead if you have urgent matters, I’ll catch up.”

“Sure, we’ll go on ahead first then.” Dan Chi responded readily.

Apart from Tang Hong, none of the others in the Precious Tree Sect had any relationship with Liu Wencai. Therefore, Jiang Chen brought his followers and Tang Hong up the mountain towards the Myriad Spirit Sect.

Dan Chi’s gaze grew a bit thoughtful as he watched them leave.

“Lordmaster Ye, is the caped young girl a Precious Tree Sect disciple?” Dan Chi suddenly asked.

Ye Chonglou shook his head. “No.”

“Then what is her background?” Dan Chi was quite curious.

“I’ve never seen the girl before, but judging from her acting like sisters with his follower Gouyu, she is likely a friend from the Eastern Kingdom?”

Huang'er was very mysterious as she dwelled in deep seclusion and rarely emerged. The lordmaster naturally had no idea of her background.

“The Eastern Kingdom?” Dan Chi smiled wryly and dismissed that thought. The Eastern Kingdom was uncommon enough to have already produced one Jiang Chen. It seemed quite impossible for it to produce another even more mysterious young girl.

Dan Chi actually discovered a deep sense of profoundness on Huang'er that he couldn’t wholly see through.

He was unable to determine just how strong she was, just a vague sense of being unable to grasp her fully due to the mysterious aura about her.

He couldn’t help but be curious when faced with this kind of indistinct perception.


After many many checkpoints, Jiang Chen made it through the restricted areas of the Myriad Spirit Sect and finally reached their inner door.

This sect’s territory was much larger than the Precious Tree Sect’s.

Along the way, the roar of tigers and the screeches of apes washed through the air. All sorts of spirit creatures bayed to the heavens, a tumultuous cacophony of noise. You could find spirit creatures in the mountain valley, on the highest peaks, as well as in and around the creeks and rivers that wound through the mountain.

Different sects had different styles, and the Myriad Spirit Sect was quite different indeed.

“Boss, what brings you here?” Liu Wencai was delighted to see Jiang Chen. “My sect head actually came out of closed door cultivation when he heard you’d arrived and is setting up a banquet to welcome you.”

Venerated Ninelion of the Myriad Spirit Sect quite admired Jiang Chen. His personality was very similar as well.

When Jiang Chen had said to Venerated Ninelion that Liu Wencai was worthy of the sect’s attention and care, Ninelion had taken Jiang Chen seriously.

Liu Wencai was now Ninelion’s true disciple, his position near the top of the sect.

He’d even suppressed those once premier Myriad Spirit geniuses.

Jiang Chen wasn’t surprised. There was an enormous power within Liu Wencai that, while still yet to be fully uncovered, was astounding enough after being catalyzed by the Redscaled Firelizard bloodline.

He would absolutely be able to dominate anyone in his sect.

“Boss, Tang Hong, congratulations and best wishes for you to realize your ambitions in the Regal Pill Palace, placing your name on the Myriad Hidden Dragon Rankings one day!”

Liu Wencai was quite forthright and genuinely happy for Jiang Chen and Tang Hong.

“Wencai, you too will shine greatly one day with your potential. Your name will appear on those rankings as well.”

Jiang Chen’s tone was firm, he thought quite highly of Liu Wencai.

The latter smiled slightly, “Perhaps we might meet again in the Myriad Domain in the near future.”

“Oh? Why do you say that?” Jiang Chen started.

“The alliance between the Precious Tree Sect and the Regal Pill Palace opened a new door to the Myriad Domain. The four families of the Great Cathedral have extended an olive branch to our sect now, and the sect head is considering which family would be more appropriate to ally with.”

The six powers of the Myriad Domain were known as one hall, two palaces, and three sects.

The ‘one hall’ referred to the Great Cathedral, the undisputed leader and strongest of the six powers.

When its four families gathered together, they possessed the strength of a third rank sect.

This was a rather surprising bit of news, but it was absolutely a good thing for Liu Wencai that the Great Cathedral wanted to ally with the Myriad Spirit Sect.

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