Chapter 459: Traveling to the Regal Pill Palace

Chapter 459: Traveling to the Regal Pill Palace

Jiang Chen wasn’t depressed after he learned of the enormous gap he had to surmount. On the contrary, he was even more motivated to train.

“I was able to make three great strides in a few years and enter the origin realm from the true qi realm. Why cannot I continue this momentum and assail the sage realm, or even emperor realm in a few more years?”

What Jiang Chen lacked the least now was confidence.

The Precious Tree Sect had also understood this gap at the same time and would no longer stand still, refusing to make progress and clinging to their boring, sectarian views.

Forefather Thousandleaf said without hesitation, “Sage Dan Chi, my Precious Tree Sect has a favor to ask.”

“Please, speak.” Dan Chi was a forthright person who wasn’t overly concerned with details.

“Our two sects are both raising Jiang Chen, I hope to send a few more young disciples to the Regal Pill Palace for further training. With how the situation is changing, I’m worried that if these young folk will be unable to keep up with the times if they remain in the Precious Tree Sect.”

Thousandleaf pointed at Tang Hong and the others. “These are the cream of the younger generation...

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