Chapter 458: The Paramount Realm in the Myriad Domain

Chapter 458: The Paramount Realm in the Myriad Domain

“Every powerful territory has a strong country ruling over the land. Some of the regimes hold actual power, others are just symbolic representation. But as long as there is one strong, ruling country present, that means the territories are united and stand as one. Right now, the Myriad Domain is a pile of loose sand, with no representative empire.”

“The highest form of organization we can aspire to in the lower and middle regions is that of ‘empire’. Only the Upper Eight Regions has the right to build a dynasty. What is a dynasty? An existence even stronger than an empire. A dynasty does not crumble even after weathering wind and rain. Some of the dynasties in the Upper Eight Regions have a history of over five thousand years!”

Dan Chi suddenly shook his head with a smile. “We seem to have gone off on a tangent. My greatest ambition in life is to rebuild the Myriad Empire. I don’t want the Myriad Domain to become someone else’s territory after a few hundred years, and us Myriad Domain natives to be someone else’s slaves. This is our territory, the land our ancestors have exchanged their blood, sweat and tears for. We cannot forfeit this land on our watch!”

Dan Chi had...

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