Chapter 457: The Olden Times of the Myriad Domain

Chapter 457: The Olden Times of the Myriad Domain

“When did you break through to the origin realm, Jiang Chen?” Dan Chi suddenly asked this random question out of nowhere.

Jiang Chen started, “A few days ago actually. I’ve been solidifying my grasp after my breakthrough all this time.”

In reality, he was holding back the truth.

He’d actually broken through today, and the phenomenon that occurred in the heavens was related to him as well.

Except, this matter was simply too astounding, and so he subconsciously wanted to conceal it.

Dan Chi sighed lightly when he heard this, appearing to have not received the answer he wanted. He wasn’t discouraged however, “Did you see the stunning phenomenon earlier today?”

Jiang Chen grew cautious as he nodded his head. “I saw it from the Precious Tree Garden as well. This disturbance was the reason why I stopped training and prepared to leave.”

His response was flawless.

It wasn’t that Jiang Chen was a dishonest person or that he purposefully wanted to deceive anyone, but that he knew that if he admitted to have caused such a stunning disturbance by merely breaking through to the origin realm, the consequences from his words would cause utter chao...

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