Chapter 456: A Match Full of Suspense

Chapter 456: A Match Full of Suspense

The match between two sage realm cultivators had indeed surpassed everyone’s imagination. However, as the two cultivators fought, they drifted further and further away, rising higher and higher until they were eventually two black dots vanishing into the endless heavens.

This greatly depressed those who were observing the match.

The younger disciples, in particular, all wanted to summon their steeds and follow the two cultivators.

However, they were all halted by the heavyweights of their sects.

“Boss, don’t you have a Goldwing Swordbird? Let’s go and take a look!” Tang Hong walked over, his eyes shining brightly with interest. It was obvious he wanted to witness the face off between sage realm cultivators.

Jiang Chen smiled leisurely with a slight shake of his head.

His powers of understanding weren’t the least bit inferior than those of the heavyweights of the Myriad Domain. He was naturally aware that Palace Head Dan Chi and Feng Beidou had a tacit understanding.

No matter who won, this match would involve the dignity of sage realm cultivators.

Therefore, no matter who the victor was, neither cultivator wanted those beneath them to see them in such a state.

This was why the...

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