Chapter 454: Destroying Sunchaser, Shocking Feng Beidou

Chapter 454: Destroying Sunchaser, Shocking Feng Beidou

Golden light collapsed in on itself as blood flew everywhere.

Sunchaser’s cries were still echoing through the air even when his body had been churned to bits. Not even a shard of bone was left behind as he was completely ground to dust.

Suddenly, the air shifted as a strange pearl shot out from the magnetic storm.

A fire lotus happened to extend one of its petals and swallowed the pearl whole.

Jiang Chen extended his arms and all the vines retreated without a trace left behind, whistles marking their sudden departure.

Apart from a ground strewn with gore, there was no other sign of Sunchaser.

Jiang Chen’s speed, from his first move to grinding up Sunchaser, had been so fast that the eyes of everyone assembled hadn’t moved swiftly enough to follow. By the time they had reacted, there was only a puddle of blood and pieces left of Sunchaser.

The assembly was deathly quiet, even a pin drop would’ve been as loud as thunder.

Even someone as strong as Feng Beidou hadn’t been able to see what had happened when Jiang Chen’s ball of golden light burst out.

Dan Chi seemed to have a nebulous understanding of what art Jiang Chen had used.

Only when the Lotus swallowed the spirit pearl of fire and ice did Feng Beidou react, a frosty glare shooting out of his eyes.

“You vile animal, how dare you land a fatal blow?!”

He reached out with a single hand after he spoke, lunging across to Jiang Chen with a shift of his body.

Dan Chi arrived at almost the same time, a palm sending out a probing blow.


The two earth sage realm cultivators thrust a palm out at each other, the enormous origin power churning outwards like waves, freezing the very air at the scene.

Dan Chi followed through on his palm and swept Jiang Chen out of the ring.

He then swung back and stood there gallantly, a leisurely laugh spilling from his lips, “Envoy Feng, is the second match you and me? That’s just as well!”

Although the two earth sage realm cultivators had exchanged but one palm, they’d immediately probed the depths of each other’s cultivation.

Feng Beidou was deeply shocked as he grew serious.

“Isn’t this Dan Chi only at fourth level sage realm? Why is the power behind his blow so immense? It’s absolutely not below fifth level sage realm. Has he recently broken through again?”

Feng Beidou has broken through in the past couple of days to fifth level sage realm. This strength plus his own foundations from the Sky Sect left him confident that he could overpower anyone in the Myriad Domain.

With the information he’d gathered, the highest that any of the Myriad Domain heavyweights could reach was only fifth level sage realm.

As for Dan Chi, reports showed he was only at fourth level sage realm.

But the power Feng Beidou had felt through the blow just now wasn’t in any way inferior to his.

He sank into silent contemplation in front of the proud, expansive Dan Chi.

He couldn’t afford to lose this match. If he lost to Dan Chi, it would spell the end of the entire Sky Sect’s plans for the sixteen kingdoms, not just his end.

If this happened, he would become a laughingstock within the Sky Sect no matter how high his position. He may even be punished and his future turn bleak as a result.

Feng Beidou had planned on having Sunchaser win, then send his ninth rank inspector and win out over the vice head of the Regal Pill Palace.

This way, he wouldn’t have to take the field himself after winning two matches.

However, Sunchaser’s defeat had knocked everything askew.

Dan Chi had precisely bet on thistaking psychological advantage of Jiang Chen’s victory to start the offensive and immediately gain the upper hand in terms of momentum.

The dominance of the momentum of a sage realm cultivator was wholly different to that of the origin realm.

The origin realm was a process of refining spirit power, and using the essence of spirit power to form a nascent soul within the body.

The sage realm was the ascension of the origin realm.

If the nascent soul of the origin realm was analogous to a towering tree, then the sage realm’s method of training the world within one’s body was analogous to countless towering trees forming a forest.

Therefore, sage realm cultivators were also hailed as sages of inner cultivation.

Sages of inner cultivation were divided into nine levels, but people were used to calling them mortal sage realm, earth sage realm, and sky sage realm to differentiate between the levels.

First to third level sage realm were within mortal sage realm. When one broke through to mortal sage realm, three flowers would blossom over their heads.

Fourth to sixth level were earth sage realm. Golden lotuses would surge out of the ground when one broke through, exhibiting a most impressive sight.

Seventh to ninth were sky sage realm. When one broke through to sky sage realm, the phenomenon would be even more grand. Blossoms would rain down from the heavenly maids, and the delicate fragrance of that cascade of flowers would travel for hundreds of kilometers.

Dan Chi had broken through to the earth sage realm ten years ago. At his age, he held the Myriad Domain’s record for the youngest to break through in the last millennium.

He’d halted at the fourth level for the past decade, unable to advance.

Nothing changed until a while ago when Elder Shun had traveled to Regal Pill Palace and resided for seven days, teaching Dan Chi many things and telling Dan Chi about Jiang Chen, as well as issuing a reminder regarding the Requiem Wood.

In those seven days, Elder Shun had passed on a few arts to Dan Chi according to the latter’s cultivation leanings, giving him pointers that helped him ascend to the fifth level.

With Elder Shun’s teachings, Dan Chi’s cultivation had instantly taken a step forward to a whole new step. The tutelage from those seven days had brought Dan Chi to a new world of martial dao.

Dan Chi’s worldview had been qualitatively enhanced as well, greatly boosting his confidence.

Therefore, even though he faced a tenth rank inspector from the Sky Sect at this moment, he didn’t mentally shy away in the least. He was actually the one who issued the challenge instead.

Add Jiang Chen’s utter victory to the mix and he held an absolute psychological advantage.

The ninth rank inspector wearing the three star blue robe immediately detected the subtle undercurrents of the situation. He snorted softly, and took a step forward to say, “It’s always been soldier against soldier, and general facing general since ancient times. I am a ninth rank inspector of the Sky Sect, and am willing to face any expert of the Regal Pill Palace apart from Palace Head Dan Chi.”

The appearance of this person instantly broke the odd tension of the scene.

It was apparent that this inspector surnamed Hua also knew of the great momentum behind Jiang Chen’s victory, making it so that Feng Beidou was no longer confident of a surefire win over Dan Chi.

He had to step out and shatter this odd momentum.

He was confident that apart from Dan Chi, he would be able to win out over anyone else in the Regal Pill Palace.

As long as he took home a victory, morale would swing back over to the Sky Sect’s side. Then, Feng Beidou would no longer have a psychological disadvantage if he took the field.

Feng Beidou was delighted and rather admired his perceptive subordinate. He chuckled, “Hua Qianshan, ninth rank inspector. He is my right hand man. Dan Chi, if anyone apart from you can win out over him, then my Sky Sect will concede the bet.”

Feng Beidou smiled slightly, removing himself from the awkward situation.

A mocking smile played about Dan Chi’s lips as he looked at Feng Beidou deeply with a meaningful gaze. He suddenly smiled bizarrely and laughed. “Envoy Feng, are you retreating from the brink of battle and sending out a subordinate instead? Doesn’t this tell everyone that you were afraid just now? A vaunted Sky Sect envoy avoiding battle, wouldn’t this damage Sky Sect’s reputation if it were to travel?”

You, Feng Beidou, want to send your man out first and avoid this awkward situation? That’s just running from battle!

Dan Chi was going to call him out on it and leave him no place to hide.

Indeed, Feng Beidou’s fan chilled. “Avoiding battle? Dan Chi, you think too highly of yourself. It’ll be all the same if you challenge me after your Regal Pill Palace has made it past Hua Qianshan.”

“Haha, aren’t Envoy Feng’s words just trying to deceive yourself? If my Regal Pill Palace makes it past Hua Qianshan, what right does your Sky Sect have to issue another challenge? Envoy Feng, by running and hiding like this in the face of the fear in your heart, you won’t have the slightest chance of winning even if there is a third match!”

Dan Chi continued to strengthen his insinuations in order to force Feng Beidou into a corner.

One had to say, his mental attacks were quite useful. Feng Beidou found himself in an awkward situation after just a few words.

Even the various heavyweights of the Myriad Domain all felt that Dan Chi was overwhelming Feng Beidou’s presence.

A mighty tenth rank inspector of the Sky Sect was being dominated? This made the scales of victory in everyone’s hearts unconsciously tilt towards Dan Chi.

Dan Chi smiled dashingly and turned to speak to Vice Head Xuan Zhen, “Xuan Zhen, it’s for the best if you win this match, but it matters not if you lose.”

Xuan Zhen nodded slightly. He felt even less pressure since Dan Chi had spoke such and only needed to give it his best.

Hua Qianshan of the three starred blue robe stood at the peak of the second level sage realm, nearing third level.

When the Sky Sect’s legacy was thrown in the mix, his strength was quite astounding. When the battle began, Xuan Zhen was forced to constantly be on the defensive.

It was a good thing that the latter was deserving of his title as a vice head of the Regal Pill Palace.

Even though he was constantly on the defensive, it didn’t appear that he would lose anytime soon.

Even though Hua Qianshan’s attacks were as numerous and powerful as the tides, Xuan Zhen’s defenses were as if a needle hidden in cotton. He would show some of his light occasionally and make a brilliant counter, not allowing Hua Qianshan to wholeheartedly concentrate on offense.

This kind of tempo utterly mesmerized the audience.

Although exchanges at this level didn’t seem as magnificent as the fight between Jiang Chen and Sunchaser, there was a lot more to this match to those in the know.

Apart from a few sage realm experts present, even those at the peak of the origin realm could only somewhat grasp what was going on.

As for the four great sects of the sixteen kingdoms, they were basically just watching a show. They only knew that the match was astounding, but had no idea what made it so.

That is, apart from Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen was focused on observing the fight, his eyes boring into every move like a torch, not willing to let a single detail escape.

The memories from his past life had already set him apart from others. Training God’s Eye and Evil Golden Eye had made his vision far surpass others.

In this way, a fight that even Forefather Thousandleaf and the others were unable to understand was highly fascinating to Jiang Chen. He could directly observe the essence of this match.

“The experts of the sage realm all have admirably wonderful momentum. At times unrestrained, at times reserved. They have a momentum that moves heaven and earth between their attacks and defenses. If an origin realm cultivator tried to partake in such a match, they likely wouldn’t even make it past one move.” Jiang Chen kept watching as he reflected.

In the world of martial dao, the difference of one entire martial dao realm was indeed a difference between heaven and earth.

Those of the true qi realm could be slaughtered in a second by spirit realm cultivators, whereas origin realm forefathers could trample all spirit realm cultivators.

Now that sage realm cultivators were fighting in front of him, it was apparent that origin realm cultivators were just as insignificant as ants as well!

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