Chapter 454: Destroying Sunchaser, Shocking Feng Beidou

Chapter 454: Destroying Sunchaser, Shocking Feng Beidou

Golden light collapsed in on itself as blood flew everywhere.

Sunchaser’s cries were still echoing through the air even when his body had been churned to bits. Not even a shard of bone was left behind as he was completely ground to dust.

Suddenly, the air shifted as a strange pearl shot out from the magnetic storm.

A fire lotus happened to extend one of its petals and swallowed the pearl whole.

Jiang Chen extended his arms and all the vines retreated without a trace left behind, whistles marking their sudden departure.

Apart from a ground strewn with gore, there was no other sign of Sunchaser.

Jiang Chen’s speed, from his first move to grinding up Sunchaser, had been so fast that the eyes of everyone assembled hadn’t moved swiftly enough to follow. By the time they had reacted, there was only a puddle of blood and pieces left of Sunchaser.

The assembly was deathly quiet, even a pin drop would’ve been as loud as thunder.

Even someone as strong as Feng Beidou hadn’t been able to see what had happened when Jiang Chen’s ball of golden light burst out.

Dan Chi seemed to have a nebulous understanding of what art Jiang Chen had used.

Only when the...

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