Chapter 453: Chasing Sunchaser

Chapter 453: Chasing Sunchaser

“Be careful Jiang Chen, these are the true origin flames, something that the flames of the spirit realm are unable to measure up to.” Thousandleaf couldn’t help but speak up in reminder from the sidelines.

Although Dan Chi hadn’t made a sound and appeared quite at ease, he couldn’t help but secretly be a bit worried.

Having received Feng Beidou’s treasure, Sunchaser’s strength was sure to have been enhanced. Otherwise, Sunchaser by himself could’ve never displayed such terrifying strength with this move alone.

If this match had occurred before he’d broken through to the origin realm, Jiang Chen would’ve never dared use the Lotus to meet these true origin realm flames.

But now—

The Lotus had had a significant breakthrough in its form after entering the origin realm.

It was a heavenly spirit being to begin with. Even that spirit pearl of fire and ice was far below the Lotus in terms of quality.

However, the Lotus was currently far from reaching the peak of its evolution.

It’s just that Jiang Chen had tapped into its strengths after breaking through to the origin realm.

He’d made up his...

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