Chapter 452: Battling Sunchaser

Chapter 452: Battling Sunchaser

Even the heavyweights on par with Dan Chi in the Myriad Domain were a bit moved when they saw the sudden aura rising from Jiang Chen, not to mention the young geniuses.

"Is he that Jiang Chen? Such a genius actually exists amongst the younger generation of the sixteen kingdoms?”

“Tsk tsk, incredible! This kid looks no more than twenty-something, not only has he broken through to the origin realm, but his strength is so strong as well! It looks like the sixteen kingdoms have indeed been underestimated.”

“Could it be that the legends speak truly of this kid killing the one with innate constitution and suppressing the Sky Sect?

“Dan Chi has always been one to act alone. It looks like the target of his enormous gamble this time may very well be this Jiang Chen!”

The powerhouses of the Myriad Domain were all inwardly stunned. They’d been all perplexed at first and felt that Dan Chi was playing with fire.

As for gossip in the outside world saying that he was doing so for Jiang Chen, everyone had been contemptuous of this saying and felt that he was just using it as an excuse.


Jiang Chen’s entrance had changed everyone’s thoughts.

This made the powerhouses of the Myriad Domain all thoroughly understand—the greatest reason why Dan Chi had done so was indeed likely because of Jiang Chen.

“Jiang Chen… you!” Sunchaser was similarly dumbfounded at this time, mouth agape and unable to form a sentence.

He almost thought that he was hallucinating just then.

The overweeningly dominant Sunchaser had actually become ashen-faced from Jiang Chen’s aura a moment ago, unable to speak at all.

He’d requested to fight just now because he was certain the Precious Tree Sect was food in his mouth. He’d had an absolute psychological advantage over the Precious Tree Sect all this time.

He felt that he could thoroughly trample anyone who took the field.

In his heart, he’d never considered that Jiang Chen would be his opponent. As strong as the latter was, he was only of the spirit realm.

It was only less than a year since the trials of the Eternal Spirit Mountain.

Jiang Chen had only just entered the sky spirit realm then.

As strong as Jiang Chen was, it should’ve been impossible for him to break through to the origin realm in less than a year.

Therefore, Sunchaser hadn’t put him in the list of candidates at all.

However, his sudden appearance and assertive movements had completely thrown his plans in disarray, shattering his beautiful dreams.

Not only would Jiang Chen be his opponent, he was now also an origin realm cultivator.

It was one thing to just break through to the origin realm, but the aura that he was displaying at the mere first level origin realm was actually stronger than Sunchaser’s at peak third level!

Sunchaser couldn’t accept this at all at first blush.

When Zuo Lan saw the situation, he too was steely-faced. Despite him originally gloating, his  feelings immediately sank rock bottom.

It had been he who had suggested Sunchaser fight a match, thinking that a victory was in the big. However, things had taken an unexpected turn with Jiang Chen’s appearance.

Feng Beidou hectored upon seeing Sunchaser lose his composure, “Sunchaser, is a young man who had just set foot into the origin realm enough to scare you?”

Sunchaser grew somber when he heard this and immediately reacted.

He was an old monster who’d come into his fame over a hundred years ago alright. He knew that he had no path for retreat after Feng Beidou’s words.

It wasn’t just a struggle for superiority between Jiang Chen and himself now, but one between the Sky Sect and the Regal Pill Palace.

The outcome of this match would determine his survival and the fortunes of the entire Purple Sun Sect.

If he lost, not only was he done for, but his entire sect as well.

The Sky Sect would never allow one defeated to control the Purple Light Division.

Countless thoughts spun through his head as Sunchaser slowly calmed down. He was someone about to enter the earth origin realm soon! As genius as Jiang Chen was, how strong could he possibly be?

The sudden flare of his aura just now had indeed been strong, but that was very likely just posturing. With his scant twenty years of age, how could Jiang Chen measure to someone renowned for the past hundred years such as Sunchaser?

Sunchaser felt that he would never lose when it came to foundations, battle experience, and assortment of harrowing trump cards.

Feng Beidou suddenly waved his hand and sent an item shooting towards Sunchaser. He sent a message with his consciousness, “Sunchaser, only victory is allowed and not defeat. I bestow upon you this spirit pearl of fire and ice for protection. All attacks of fire and ice in the origin realm will be nullified against you.”

Sunchaser was overjoyed and quickly accepted this item.

His hatred of Jiang Chen was as deep as the seas, and he’d naturally done a fair bit of research on Jiang Chen. He knew that Jiang Chen’s Bewitching Lotus of Fire and Ice was exceedingly difficult to defend against.

Since the spirit pearl of fire and ice could nullify all attacks of fire and ice, didn’t that mean the Lotus that could move like a ghost was completely ineffective against Sunchaser?

Sunchaser’s desire to fight instantly grew several times. If that eerie Lotus couldn’t do anything to him, then Jiang Chen alone was prey caught in his hands already.

Dan Chi couldn’t help but snort derisively when he saw this. “Envoy Feng, this kind of cheating isn’t fair play now, is it?”

Feng Beidou said faintly, “I didn’t send anyone to help, nor did I break the rules. How am I cheating? Bring out anything good that you have and let Jiang Chen use it. I’ll wait to marvel what you might have.”

The Regal Pill Palace naturally had their own foundations and treasures, but were truly nothing much compared to a first-ranked sect like the Sky Sect.

Dan Chi was about to speak when Jiang Chen waved his hand. “Palace Head Dan Chi, what need is there to borrow anything in order to behead a mere old dog?”

Dan Chi laughed heartily when he heard this. “Good! That’s how a young hero should be! You should let your light shine when need be. Jiang Chen, I’ll wait to drink and chat to your success in beheading Sunchaser’s dog of a head!”

Sunchaser’s face was livid as he roared, “Jiang Chen, youthful pride isn’t your fault, but to be so arrogant as to respect no one, is! I will settle our old and new grudges today! I swear I am less than human if I don’t rip you apart into thousands of pieces!”

Sunchaser made a grasping motion with his hands after speaking, producing a broadsword in his hand.

“Jiang Chen, you scum, die!”

The spirit pearl of fire and ice wasn’t just for defense, it would enhance attacks as well.

Sunchaser possessed a fire spirit constitution and had spent half his life tempering his fire cultivation. Prior to Jiang Chen’s appearance, his cultivation in the fire elemental energy had been the first amongst the sixteen kingdoms.

Dire cracks appeared in the air as Sunchaser swung the broadsword. Boundless fire elemental energy blazed forth, forming a wall of fire.

A fire dragon churned and created a sea of flames.

The sea of flames looked simple, but possessed the unique aura of the origin realm. It was as if the elemental energy had formed a cage that sealed off the air.

Once Jiang Chen was encircled by this sea, his only fate was to be refined to bits and pieces.

However, this kind of attack was simply too crude to Jiang Chen.

He opened his hands and vines from sixteen ice lotuses, astonishing in thickness and size, instantly formed and gave rise to all sorts of ice barriers. They created an ice wall as solid as a mountain in the blink of an eye.


The  flame waves instantly halted when they crashed into the ice wall.

The two enormous powers dissipated with a loud hiss, just like the powers of fire and water ramming into each other.

Jiang Chen made hand seals and transformed the waves from the melted ice wall into the force of the Vast Ocean Current Splitter, taking the opportunity to counter-attack.

The pace of the battle had moved swiftly and the shift in his technique was so exquisite that it was like the moving clouds and flowing waters, accomplished smoothly in a single breath.

Dan Chi’s face was wreathed in smiles when he saw how adeptly and easily Jiang Chen utilized his techniques.

“Jiang Chen hasn’t disappointed me alright. To speak nothing of his body condition, the usage of these techniques alone is enough to hail him as a super genius. Good, good, good! It looks like I’ve made the right bet this time again.”

Dan Chi was a very charismatic and ambitious person. Ever since he’d taken control of the Regal Pill Palace, he’d desired to spread his wings and bring the Regal Pill Palace to the peak of its glory.

He himself was a martial dao genius just as well. To be able to hold his own with the other old monster heavyweights of the Myriad Domain was a testament to his potential and talent.

It was precisely because Dan Chi was younger and possessed such charisma that he was an extraordinary sect head in the Myriad Domain. He had lofty ambition and noble aspirations, a decisive and authoritative style that enabled him to do as he pleased. He was never the sort to dither or hem and haw.

Just like how he’d proceeded allying with the Precious Tree Sect.

Dan Chi had set his eyes on Jiang Chen and proceeded forward no matter the criticism and objections from the outside world, never holding any regret.

He’d now received the return for his actions in the form of Jiang Chen!

Sunchaster snorted softly, not panicking when he saw the force from this stroke roll forth. He swept across with his broadsword and deflected the oncoming attack.

However, turbulent emotions arose in Sunchaser’s heart from this short exchange.

With his cultivation near the earth origin realm and the aid from the spirit pearl of fire and ice, he actually hadn’t gained the upper hand at all!

Jiang Chen’s rate of improvement had truly astounded him.

“If I can’t kill this troublemaker today, I may actually be the one to be trounced and killed by him next time! I must kill him no matter the cost today!”

A murderous light shone in his eyes as killing intent exploded ten times over.

“Bastard, it’s either you or me today!”

Sunchaser reached with his hand as he spoke, a string of red prayer beads appearing within.

As soon as he flung the prayer beads into the air, they actually grew bigger! Each bead actually transformed into a sinister and horrifying skull.

Sunchaser cackled, “Jiang Chen, you have the chance to taste what it feels like to be burned by heavenly fires today!”

He pointed with his broadsword as the prayer beads started rotating rapidly. The twenty four skulls hummed as they closed in.

The skulls were blazing bright, as if each of them nurtured a volcano inside that would erupt with wanton abandon at any moment.

“Heavenly fire, descend!”

The twenty four skulls seemed to be alive in that moment as their orifices lit up, shooting forth with blue flame that rumbled downwards.

With their open orifices, the twenty four skulls seemed like an endless stream of heavenly fire, shooting downwards like meteors. It was as if a pill cauldron had been overturned and countless heavenly meteors had descended into the mortal realm.

And the flames were all blue!

When flames turned blue, this entailed that the fire wasn’t ordinary, but one with extraordinary origin.

Although it was an exaggeration to call it heavenly fire, it was definitely not on the same level as ordinary fire elemental energy!

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