Chapter 452: Battling Sunchaser

Chapter 452: Battling Sunchaser

Even the heavyweights on par with Dan Chi in the Myriad Domain were a bit moved when they saw the sudden aura rising from Jiang Chen, not to mention the young geniuses.

"Is he that Jiang Chen? Such a genius actually exists amongst the younger generation of the sixteen kingdoms?”

“Tsk tsk, incredible! This kid looks no more than twenty-something, not only has he broken through to the origin realm, but his strength is so strong as well! It looks like the sixteen kingdoms have indeed been underestimated.”

“Could it be that the legends speak truly of this kid killing the one with innate constitution and suppressing the Sky Sect?

“Dan Chi has always been one to act alone. It looks like the target of his enormous gamble this time may very well be this Jiang Chen!”

The powerhouses of the Myriad Domain were all inwardly stunned. They’d been all perplexed at first and felt that Dan Chi was playing with fire.

As for gossip in the outside world saying that he was doing so for Jiang Chen, everyone had been contemptuous of this saying and felt that he was just using it as an excuse.


Jiang Chen’s entrance had changed...

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