Chapter 451: Wait For Me to Behead Sunchaser’s Dog of a Head

Chapter 451: Wait For Me to Behead Sunchaser’s Dog of a Head

Dan Chi sank into deep thought, simulating the three matches. If the Precious Tree Sect was unable to win theirs, then it was very likely that they’d lose the bet.

“Well? Dan Chi, I’ve heard that you’ve quite a bit of charisma in the Myriad Domain and are full of drive and ambition. If we lose the bet of three matches, the Sky Sect promises to no longer interfere in the alliance between the Precious Tree Sect and Regal Pill Palace. If you lose, you go back wherever you’ve come from!”

The look that the tenth rank inspector was shooting over was overbearing with provocation.

He and Sect Head Zhu of the Tristar Sect had coordinated from within and without in order to create an atmosphere forcing the Regal Pill Palace down the path of no retreat. They could only answer the call of battle.

This kind of method was much better than simply attempting to bathe the Regal Pill Palace in blood.

The Sky Sect was strong, but not invincible. Their foundations weren’t particularly strong in the Myriad Domain. If they fought head to head with the Regal Pill Palace, they would face pressure from the other sects when...

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