Chapter 450: Sky Sect Against the Regal Pill Palace

Chapter 450: Sky Sect Against the Regal Pill Palace

The rebuke sounded like a clap of thunder on a sunny day, making everyone’s blood boil. Domineering and prideful, it filled the sky before the speaker had even arrived.

Roughly a dozen figures swiftly shot over.

Dan Chi’s gaze sharpened as he squinted in the direction of the newcomers, a cold smile playing about his lips. It was apparent that this scenario had been within his expectations.

It would’ve been entirely too strange if the alliance ceremony had gone off without a hitch and the Sky Sect hadn’t come to make trouble.

“Which friends have come? Why hide yourselves since you have come as guests to my Myriad Domain? Why not show yourselves so that we, the masters of the Myriad Domain, can properly host you?”

Dan Chi’s melodious voice billowed forth, traveling on the wind into the distance.

His voice alone reverberated 500 kilometers in every direction.

The expressions of the heavyweights of the Myriad Domain all become extraordinarily complicated after Dan Chi had spoken. They could sense the changes in his strength from these words alone.

“Mm? Dan Chi’s cultivation has risen again?”

“No wonder he’s being so arrogantly cocky, his cultivation level has advanced once more!”

“Dan Chi is only a hundred years old, yet his cultivation level is so impressive already. If he breaks...

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