Chapter 449: Jiang Chen Enters the Origin Realm

Chapter 449: Jiang Chen Enters the Origin Realm

“That direction is… the Myriad Domain? What’s happened there?”

“Could it be that a peerless powerhouse has appeared there?”

“Such frightening phenomenon must be the precursor to the emergence of a great being who can shake the Divine Abyss Continent to the core!”

The old monsters of the Divine Abyss Continent all stared toward the Myriad Domain, full of questions, confusion, and astonishment.

This phenomenon lasted for roughly two hours before slowly fading away. Everyone still hadn’t taken in their fill of it and they all stood there wonderstruck, staring dumbly at the skies, unable to believe that what they’d just seen was real.

Jiang Chen sat cross-legged beneath the Precious Tree, akin to a stone statue.

The circulation that had formed within his body at this moment was at the exact same wavelength as the various celestial forms in the sky, resonating with them.

He never would’ve thought that he would trigger such terrifying phenomenon when he ascended to the origin realm.

From the memories of his past life, those who could form such an astounding scene were only cultivators at the peak of the mortal plane ascending to the heavenly plane.

In this moment,...

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