Chapter 448: Strange Phenomenon in the Skies

Chapter 448: Strange Phenomenon in the Skies

Smearing animal blood on their lips, they swore to the heavenly law.

The alliance ceremony had been conducted in a very formal fashion. The two made their vows and paid their respects to the heavens.

“Heh heh, it looks like the Precious Tree Sect are some lucky bastards. What does the Regal Pill Palace see in them anyway?”

“I hear that they’ve set their sights on a genius disciple called Jiang Chen?”

“What genius disciple? Do you see any genius disciples amongst the Precious Tree Sect disciples?”

“A so-called genius disciple is likely just a pretext, isn’t it? The Regal Pill Palace’s true goal is probably the Precious Tree?”

“Heh heh, that’s probably it. The Regal Pill Palace is most proficient in the dao of pills. If there’s anything about the Precious Tree Sect that holds an allure for the Palace, it must be the Divine Fruits.”

“How laughable! The Precious Tree Sect thinks a meat pie has fallen from the sky in their good luck, but little do they know that this is leading the wolf into the house.”

“Heh heh, sheep allying with wolves. They’re looking to die!”

“Oh come now, perhaps the Palace really wants that genius? I’ve heard that genius killed the Purple Sun Sect’s innate constitution disciple...

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