Chapter 447: Gathering At the Precious Tree Sect

Chapter 447: Gathering At the Precious Tree Sect

The two elders sighed and left the secret chamber.

As Dan Chi watched the two leave, a confident smile played at the corners of his lips. “Having an elder at home is like having a treasure. But the two elders of my home like to butt heads with me. However, they mean well. It’s just that some things cannot be spoken of in detail.”

He smiled faintly, thinking of the mysterious elder who’d come to visit a while ago. Emotions swirled in Dan Chi’s heart when he thought of the mysterious elder.

The elder had used a random, careless move to thoroughly trounce Dan Chi.

It had been that elder who told him of Jiang Chen in the Precious Tree Sect, and had him keep this person in mind, paying attention so that no accident would befall Jiang Chen.

Of course, the mysterious elder hadn’t treated him poorly. He’d given Dan Chi some cultivation pointers and passed on a secret art to him.

When Dan Chi practiced this art, he was immediately dumbfounded and knew that he’d gotten quite a deal this time.

The most critical factor was that the mysterious elder’s pointers had enabled his cultivation to breakthrough in a short two months.

This had been the most amazing of all. The mysterious elder’s level of martial knowledge and cultivation level was magical to the point of turning rock to gold with a single touch.

“Ai, that senior didn’t tell me his name in the end. To think that I, Dan Chi, would have such a fortuitous occurrence in my life that a mysterious expert would give me pointers! What a pity that the senior only stayed a few days. If he’d been able to teach me for a year or so, I surely would’ve been able to be hailed first in the Myriad Domain. The Regal Pill Palace would even have hope of making a play for the position of a third rank sect.” Dan Chi felt deeply moved when he thought of the mysterious elder.

“I must heed well the senior’s remarks. He wants me to use all of the Palace’s strength to search for a treasure called Requiem Wood. I cannot be lazy in this matter. And for this Jiang Chen to be so highly recommended, he must be someone the senior greatly values, if not the senior’s disciple. Perhaps the senior is purposefully tempering him in the Myriad Domain. I have received pointers from the senior and must take good care of him and not let the senior down.”

Dan Chi was also very curious about a young genius that would prompt such esteem from the senior and was in quite hurry to see him.

He’d been quite surprised by the information he’d collected about Jiang Chen’s rise.

The Eastern Kingdom was absolutely a kingdom of the lowest level in this world. How could the son of a small duke from this region have shown such genius in his rise and accomplished so many astounding feats?

These matters may appear easily accomplished from Dan Chi’s level, but any one of these feats could be hailed as miraculous for one rising from the mundane world.

For a cultivator to create a miracle once, that could be deemed an accident or a fluke.

Bu to do so again and again and with different kinds of miracles, that was no longer something that could be summed up with the word “accident”.

Particularly killing Long Juxue of the innate constitution, and killing the elders of the Purple Sun Sect—these battle accomplishments all validated Jiang Chen as a genius.

Suppressing the inspectors of the Ninesuns Sky Sect had been even more ridiculous.

Dan Chi would’ve doubted this as false news if it hadn’t been for irrefutable intelligence.

But the reports came in one after another, none of them fake. There wasn’t a hint of exaggeration in suppressing the Sky Sect inspector.

This news thoroughly stunned even Dan Chi.

This genius would be another stroke of fortune for him.

It was an opportunity to discover a genius, and a personal chance for him.

If he could make use of Jiang Chen to build a close relationship with the mysterious senior, then it would be a chance that Dan Chi would never have again.

Dan Chi was one to do things with strong charisma. He wouldn’t dither about uncertainly after capturing an opportunity and would make a decisive move.

In reality, many sects had received news of Jiang Chen suppressing the Sky Sect’s envoy.

However, without an exception, the heads of these sects all felt that it was Jiang Chen showing off too keen an edge. Offending the Sky Sect was to court death, and none of them would need to become involved.

Only Dan Chi, thanks to the reminder from the mysterious elder and his own sharp judgement, made a bold move and decided to cozy up to Jiang Chen first.

A genius trying his best in the ordinary world and still able to suppress an envoy that had been greatly cultivated by the Sky Sect, was there a need to doubt the value of this genius?

What kind of sect was the Sky Sect?

A first rank sect! Their inspectors weren’t any random cat or dog off the streets. Which one of them weren’t a genius chosen from ten thousands?

Which of them hadn’t enjoyed the rich resources of the Sky Sect?

And here was Jiang Chen, someone who’d carved his path from the mundane kingdoms.

His circumstances of birth and growth had been so inferior, but he’d been able to still suppress his enemies. This was enough to prove just how astounding his potential was.

The Regal Pill Palace formed an impressive convey and officially set out for the Precious Tree Sect after seven days beneath Dan Chi’s guidance.

No matter if the powers within the Myriad Domain were willing or not, they all sent out more respectable representatives to attend the alliance ceremony.

Everyone in the Precious Tree Sect was beyond excited when they learned that they were to ally with a first rate sect in the Myriad Domain.

Under Thousandleaf and Ye Chonglou’s leadership, the Precious Tree Sect almost emptied itself to welcome the arrival of the Palace’s entourage.

In the moment that Dan Chi appeared, hearts up and down the Precious Tree Sect beat rapidly. Even Thousandleaf had a feeling that he was meeting his idol.

Dan Chi’s cultivation had long since departed the origin realm, becoming a first rate sage realm cultivator.

How would those in the Precious Tree Sect not be emotional that such a character had personally come to the sect?

No sage realm cultivator had ever emerged in the Precious Tree Sect. Dan Chi’s arrival was breaking their historic record.

“A sage realm expert visiting is lending luster to our humble house.” Thousandleaf sighed with emotion.

Dan Chi laughed heartily, “I’ve heard that the Precious Tree Sect has a magical Precious Tree of the Rosy Dawn, and now that a genius such as Jiang Chen has appeared, all this is enough to demonstrate the sect’s extraordinary fortunes. Mm? Where is Jiang Chen? Why do I not see him?”

Dan Chi was able to identify with a sweep of his eyes that Jiang Chen was not amongst the Precious Tree Sect members.

Although he didn’t know this genius and had never seen him, Dan Chi was able to draw this conclusion with one look. Such was the vision of an expert.

“Palace head, Jiang Chen has been comprehending dao beneath the Precious Tree. Even I haven’t seen him in all this time.” Elder Wen Lang, who’d arrived to negotiate earlier, smiled in explanation.

“Haha, a genius cannot be disturbed in his cultivation. Come, let’s go inside and talk.” Dan Chi’s smile was quite bright and clear. Although the Precious Tree Sect was a bit shabby in their eyes, there was no reason for the Regal Pill Palace to look down on their ally.

Besides, the Palace was here for Jiang Chen. They didn’t really think they’d be able to obtain any reinforcements from the Precious Tree Sect.

That would simply be too unrealistic. The difference between the two were too great.

The various parties that the Regal Pill Palace had invited to attend the ceremony also arrived after the Palace.

“The representatives of the four families of the Great Cathedral have arrived!”

“The representative of the Sacred Sword Palace has arrived!”

“The representative of the Walkabout Sect has arrived!”

“The representative of the Dark North Sect has arrived!”

“The representative of the Tristar Sect has arrived!”

There were six first rate powers in the Myriad Domain, all of which were fourth rank sects. They were the Great Cathedral, Sacred Sword Palace, Walkabout Sect, Dark North Sect, Tristar Sect, and the Regal Pill Palace.

That made for one hall, two palaces, and three sects.

The hall’s strength was the strongest, having the hints of being able to become a third rank sect. The Great Cathedral was made up of four families.

They were the undisputed first in the Myriad Domain in terms of martial strength and foundations.

The two palaces and three halls were on par with each other and all had their strengths.

These six sects formed the strongest faction in the Myriad Domain.

The second rate and third rate factions beneath them had also received the invitation of the Regal Pill Palace. They were far inferior to the Palace.

Many of them had been startled by the attention when they received their invitations, and even less likely to not respond. The representatives they sent were their elites, giving the Regal Pill Palace more than enough face.

The other first rate powers had also shown great support and sent people who held actual power in their sects, as well as the elite geniuses from their younger generation.

It was obvious that everyone had received word that the Regal Pill Palace was allying with the Precious Tree Sect because of Jiang Chen.

Therefore, everyone was quite curious just what kind of genius was this Jiang Chen, that the Palace had made such a crazy move?

The geniuses of the various sects had found the intelligence of Jiang Chen suppressed the Sky Sect’s inspector hard to swallow. Hence, they’d all suggested in coming to watch the show.

It was apparent that geniuses walked a lonely path and would never submit to each other.

Although the Precious Tree Sect was a bit shabby, there was no problem in it containing a few thousand guests.

The alliance ceremony was held in the spacious square on the outskirts of the Precious Tree.

The towering Precious Tree could be viewed from far way in the square. It was impressive and grand, as if cutting straight into the clouds.

If there was anything worth mentioning for this sect, that would be this Precious Tree.

But to those first rate heavyweights, even the Precious Tree wasn’t enough to hold their eye.

No one looked at it again after flicking a careless glance at it.

“Honored guests, thank you for giving face to my Regal Pill Palace and the Precious Tree Sect today in coming to attend the alliance ceremony. The wine that you drink today is the exclusive Goddess Jade Brew from Palace. I hope everyone can drink to their heart’s content!” As the party wanting the alliance, Dan Chi was naturally the first to speak.

“I, Dan Chi, represent the Regal Pill Palace do hereby burn incense and swear that starting today, my Regal Pill Palace and the Precious Tree Sect enter into an alliance. We will support each other. If one side is trodden upon, the other must provide aid with no conditions attached. From henceforth on, we will share in each other’s glory and humiliation, and be of the same breath and branches.”

Dan Chi began to solemnly recite his pledge after he lit a few sticks of incense.

Thousandleaf was actually a bit nervous in front of so many pairs of eyes, but he still mimicked Dan Chi’s gestures and language and began his recitation as well.

The representatives of the various powers all hid meaningful smiles at this scene.

It was obvious that this scene looked beyond comical in their eyes.

A fourth rank sect allying with a seventh rank, and making such big fuss of things? How laughable!

Some didn’t even bother hiding the traces of mockery in their smiles.

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