Chapter 447: Gathering At the Precious Tree Sect

Chapter 447: Gathering At the Precious Tree Sect

The two elders sighed and left the secret chamber.

As Dan Chi watched the two leave, a confident smile played at the corners of his lips. “Having an elder at home is like having a treasure. But the two elders of my home like to butt heads with me. However, they mean well. It’s just that some things cannot be spoken of in detail.”

He smiled faintly, thinking of the mysterious elder who’d come to visit a while ago. Emotions swirled in Dan Chi’s heart when he thought of the mysterious elder.

The elder had used a random, careless move to thoroughly trounce Dan Chi.

It had been that elder who told him of Jiang Chen in the Precious Tree Sect, and had him keep this person in mind, paying attention so that no accident would befall Jiang Chen.

Of course, the mysterious elder hadn’t treated him poorly. He’d given Dan Chi some cultivation pointers and passed on a secret art to him.

When Dan Chi practiced this art, he was immediately dumbfounded and knew that he’d gotten quite a deal this time.

The most critical factor was that the mysterious elder’s pointers had enabled his cultivation to breakthrough in a short two months.


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