Chapter 446: Regal Pill Palace Head

Chapter 446: Regal Pill Palace Head

The Tristar Sect was a new power in the Myriad Domain. It’d only been a few hundred years from their rise until now. However, they’d been able to become a first rate power in the Myriad Domain in just a few hundred years.

The secret behind this was support from the Ninesuns Sky Sect.

The powers beneath the Sky Sect were as varied as the stars in the heavens, blossoming in all directions. The Tristar Sect was that only in name. In reality, it was just a front for the Sky Sect.

If it wasn’t for Zuo Lan meeting with defeat in the Precious Tree Sect this time, the higher ranked envoys would’ve never come and gathered in the Tristar Sect.

After all, the Tristar Sect was a secret front, and the Sky Sect wouldn’t want its identity to be revealed if it was unnecessary.

This tenth rank inspector came from the headquarters of the Ninesuns Sky Sect. To put things bluntly, his single word could decide the fate of the Tristar Sect.

Therefore, although his tone was strong, the sect heads of the Tristar Sect all stood there docilely, with no one daring to show their unhappiness on their face.

The most senior sect head smiled apologetically. “Please cease to be angry, Sir Feng. They are courting death that they dare fight against the Sky Sect. In your subordinate’s perspective, why not allow the Regal Pill Palace be since they wish to die? The Sky Sect merely needs to send some more experts to suppress the Regal Pill Palace and can take advantage of this to display all your cards. Destroy the Regal Pill Palace, make an example of them, and see which other sects dare act so wantonly?”

The tenth rank inspector snorted derisively, “Make an example of them? Do you think the Regal Pill Palace is any random chicken or duck, available for the slaughtering? Do they not have any backers even with their unbridled behavior?”

The sect head of the Tristar Sect more or less had some ulterior motives behind his suggestion. Suppressing the Regal Pill Palace and having the Tristar Sect step into the light and become the Sky Sect’s representative in the Myriad Domain, the Tristar Sect would be the strongest in the area then and able to do whatever they wanted.

This would absolutely be a great stroke of fortune for the development of the Tristar Sect.

However, his suggestion had been rejected out of hand by the inspector.

It wasn’t that the Sky Sect couldn’t make a move on the Regal Pill Palace, but that it would involve the forces backing the latter and could ignite a chaotic mess.

Although the Sky Sect was in a rush to expand, there was no need to take rash action and make enemies everywhere.

“Collect all information regarding the Regal Pill Palace and the Precious Tree Sect. Give it to me within three days. We absolutely need to destroy the alliance. This cannot be allowed even if the party involved is the Regal Pill Palace. Although the overall arrangement of the sixteen kingdoms isn’t terribly important, those above highly value it. If we don’t handle this well, all of us present may be punished.”

The inspector left with a flourish of sleeves when he was finished.

It was obvious that he was quite dissatisfied, whether towards the Tristar Sect or the competencies of Zuo Lan and the others.

As a strong power in the Myriad Domain, the Tristar Sect’s influence on organizations below it was too weak, resulting in the situation that they couldn’t do anything in the situation that was developing.

They hadn’t roped in a single of the four great sects in the sixteen kingdoms. This was an utter failure on the Tristar Sect’s part.

Those in the Myriad Domain felt incredulous towards the Regal Pill Palace’s decision.

And truthfully speaking, there were also many who were voices of dissent within the Palace.

At this moment, the palace head of the sect was having a secret meeting with two highly revered and influential elders in the internals of the palace.

These two were the chiefs of the elder council. One of them was the chief elder, and the other the former chief elder.

These two represented the will of the elder council.

The palace head wore a pale-green long robe, his body slender and his complexion as clear as jade, as if a baby’s face. He had a natural pair of phoenix eyes and looked quite gentle and tender, giving one the impression of a lady when they first looked at him.

However, a shrewd light sparkled with every blink of the phoenix eyes, projecting the impression of his eyes being as deep as the starry sky.

This person was Regal Pill Palace head Dan Chi.

He was also the undisputed most highly ranked expert in the Regal Pill Palace. Even those reclusive old monsters in the Palace had to admit that his martial dao potential was at he head of the sect.

Dan Chi had only just surpassed a hundred years old.

At his age, there were many cultivators in the Myriad Domain still fighting in the mid ranks, toiling away for a chance to reach a more superior position.

But Dan Chi had already ruled over the Regal Pill Palace for forty years.

This was to say that Dan Chi had only been fifty years old when he took the reins of power.

In the world of martial dao, this age was merely still being a child, in contrast to the world of mortals.

Yet Dan Chi’s control over the sect at such an age was a testament to his potential and talents.

At this moment, he was squinting slightly and smiling without a word in the face of the two elders’ earnest entreaties full of spittle flying everywhere.

He opened his phoenix eyes slightly when the two elders had dry mouths, holding the relaxed confidence of being able to cope with all strategies and schemes.

“Elder Chang Feng and Elder Jin Gu, I have naturally considered all that you’ve spoken. I have given a great deal of thought to the matter of the alliance. If the two elders have no desire to attend, you can stay in the Regal Pill Palace and hold down the fort. I will personally lead the team to the Precious Tree Sect.”

Dan Chi didn’t explain anything in response to the two elders’ words, but told them directly that he had made up his mind regarding the alliance.

Accept it if you can, accept it if you can’t.

These words were enough to demonstrate Dan Chi’s bearing and control.

The two elders looked at each other, the epitome of resignation.

“Palace Head, the Ninesuns Sky Sect would’ve have set their sights on the sixteen kingdom alliance for no reason. There really is no value enough in a mere Precious Tree Sect that is worth us running the risk of offending the Sky Sect. How would you hope to convince everyone with such intangible and uncertain talk of this Jiang Chen’s fortunes?”

Dan Chi laughed softly. “Convince everyone? Why should one who accomplishes great things be overcautious and indecisive? Another party may have very well taken a step forward after you’ve spent a great deal of time convincing everyone. I, Dan Chi, have my own opinions and charisma in conducting my affairs. I won’t consider fawning up to everyone and have no need to convince everyone.”

The domineering tone thoroughly displayed the mighty presence of the head of the Palace.

“Palace head, you are monopolizing power! A single misstep can possibly drag the entire Palace into the morass, leaving us unable to extract ourselves. To put it bluntly, offending the Sky Sect can possibly be our doom!” The current chief of the elder council, Elder Chang Feng was huffy with anger by now.

Dan Chi didn’t anger and smiled faintly, “Elder Chang Feng is right, I am monopolizing power. Since the Regal Pill Palace wishes for me to be its head, I naturally have the final say in this matter. If anyone thinks I am ill fitting for this position, they can all band together to censure me. As long as everyone thinks I am unsuited to be palace head, I will immediately dust myself off and leave without lingering.”

Elder Chang Feng and Jin Gu were both speechless.

To be honest, Dan Chi had had a decisive and swift manner in his decades as palace head. Every single matter he’d undertaken had been fraught with controversy.

But, the Regal Pill Palace had improved greatly as a whole these decades, and the unity and influence of the sect had noticeably increased.

Previously, the Palace was known throughout the Myriad Domain for their mastery of pills, but their martial foundations were still a bit weak compared to the powers in the Myriad Domain.

When Dan Chi took the stage, he greatly emphasized martial dao geniuses. He felt that since the sect held an advantage in the area of pills, it should leverage this strength and holistically develop their strength in martial dao.

In the world of martial dao, an advantage in the arena of pills was an indirect one.

Only strength in martial dao was the truest strength.

Dan Chi had wholeheartedly been scouting for martial dao geniuses over the past decades and cultivating martial dao strength. The sect had to admit that there had been great gains in this area during this time.

Although there was still a gap between them and other first rate powers in the area of martial dao, that difference had shrunk noticeably.

Therefore, Dan Chi was greatly beloved by everyone in the Regal Pill Palace. It was laughable to speak of censuring him.

With his popularity in the Palace, any who dare criticized him was creating trouble for themselves and would drown in spit from everyone in the sect.

The two elders were well aware of this, so they could only try to privately reason with Dan Chi and not encourage everyone to impeach him. That would absolutely be a fruitless endeavor.

They actually weren’t opposed to the alliance for the sake of opposition. From their experienced perspective, they felt that it was demeaning the sect to create such a big fuss for a mere young cultivator in the sixteen kingdoms and ally with the Precious Tree Sect.

What kind of sect was the Precious Tree Sect? Seventh rank at best.

The Regal Pill Palace was a solid fourth rank sect.

The Palace had voluntarily extended an offer for alliance in the face of such a pronounced difference and was even heading to the other’s territory for the ceremony!

Dan Chi’s decision was such self humiliation.

It was one thing to make a fool of themselves, but another to take the risk of offending the Ninesuns Sky Sect.

And all of this was for a so-called genius cultivator?

What kind of genius could arise from the sixteen kingdoms? Was it worth it to go to all this trouble?

The two elders didn’t think positively of this at all. In their eyes, the sixteen kingdoms were a poor backwater. They wouldn’t even take a serious look at that kind of place, not to mention any sort of genius actually arising from it.

If even that kind of place had geniuses, then why would the sixteen kingdom alliance be in that half dead state?

Geniuses weren’t born that easily in the world of martial dao.

This kind of deep rooted thoughts and prejudice made the two elders completely unable to accept Dan Chi’s decision.

It was such a humiliation that the Regal Pill Palace, a fourth rank sect, the most noble sect in the Myriad Domain, would have to bend the knee and go to a small place like the Precious Tree Sect!

The two elders had seen much in their advanced age, and it was very difficult to turn this kind of bias around.

“Elders, I have led the Palace for so many years, and although I am a bit dominating in my style, when have I ever led the Palace astray? Jiang Chen could kill one of an innate constitution, and was able to suppress the inspector of the Sky Sect even with his humble background. How many in the Myriad Domain has this kind of potential?”

Dan Chi hadn’t wanted to explain himself, but the two elders had great influence in the sect and so he could only patiently offer up a few words. He immediately rose afterwards, “I have spoken all I will. If the two elders still disapprove of my actions, let’s see if my decision today was correct in a decade or two.”

He waved his hands after speaking, indicating a send off of the guests.

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