Chapter 446: Regal Pill Palace Head

Chapter 446: Regal Pill Palace Head

The Tristar Sect was a new power in the Myriad Domain. It’d only been a few hundred years from their rise until now. However, they’d been able to become a first rate power in the Myriad Domain in just a few hundred years.

The secret behind this was support from the Ninesuns Sky Sect.

The powers beneath the Sky Sect were as varied as the stars in the heavens, blossoming in all directions. The Tristar Sect was that only in name. In reality, it was just a front for the Sky Sect.

If it wasn’t for Zuo Lan meeting with defeat in the Precious Tree Sect this time, the higher ranked envoys would’ve never come and gathered in the Tristar Sect.

After all, the Tristar Sect was a secret front, and the Sky Sect wouldn’t want its identity to be revealed if it was unnecessary.

This tenth rank inspector came from the headquarters of the Ninesuns Sky Sect. To put things bluntly, his single word could decide the fate of the Tristar Sect.

Therefore, although his tone was strong, the sect heads of the Tristar Sect all stood there docilely, with no one daring to show their unhappiness on their face.

The most senior sect head smiled apologetically. “Please cease to be...

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