Chapter 445: Initial Alliance Agreement

Chapter 445: Initial Alliance Agreement

“Gentlemen, although it’s rare for two sects to share a disciple in the world of martial dao, it’s not unheard of either. Jiang Chen has great fortune and will surely benefit both our sects. What say you?”

The yellow-clad man looked at the forefathers with a sincere expression.

Although the Regal Pill Palace was strong and had absolute advantage compared to the Precious Tree Sect, they couldn’t be haughty about this matter. Nothing forcibly-done would be agreeable, just like a fruit forcefully plucked would not be sweet.

In addition, if the Regal Pill Palace used force, then it was bound to result in backlash and may even push the Precious Tree Sect towards the embrace of the Sky Sect.

After all, although the Palace looked more suited to the Precious Tree Sect from the looks of things, their strength was far below the Sky Sect’s. Although it had its own backers, it would never be as convincing as holding strength in one’s own hands.

“If the Regal Pill Palace has only this one condition, then my Precious Tree Sect is willing to ally. Combining our resources also makes it more advantageous for Jiang Chen’s cultivation and growth.”

Thousandleaf also nodded. “How should we proceed with the alliance?”

The yellow-clad man smiled happily upon hearing this. “Good! You are forthright and decisive folk. I will immediately relay the message back to the Regal Pill Palace now, and the sect will announce our alliance to the Myriad Domain.”

Ye Chonglou suddenly said, “We have a small request as well. The alliance ceremony must be held in our Precious Tree Sect.”

The yellow-clad man remained silent for a moment. He didn’t dare easily agree to this and had to inquire his superiors.

“I cannot make the decision in this matter, I must ask for guidance from my palace head.”

The yellow-clad man formed a hand seal and produced a jade slip for transmitting his consciousness, inserting some information inside.

Ordinary message glyphs wouldn’t be able to traverse this long distance, so more complicated treasures were needed for communication.

The yellow-clad man’s jade slip brightened in an obvious response after a moment.

He laughed loudly after reading the message within. “My palace head seems to value greatly this alliance. He says that as long as the Precious Tree Sect agrees to the alliance, we will follow your wishes in all of these small details. My palace head says that we must prepare for the ceremony immediately and use the name of the Regal Pill Palace to invite the various powers in the Myriad Domain to the Precious Tree Sect.”

Thousandleaf and Ye Chonglou were overjoyed to hear this. It seemed that the Regal Pill Palace head was placing high importance on Jiang Chen indeed, to be willing to personally lower himself to come to the Precious Tree Sect to attend the ceremony.

This was giving the Precious Tree Sect a great deal of face.

In addition, the Regal Pill Palace had exceedingly great repute in the Myriad Domain. It was a preeminent force in this area. Who would dare not show face to an invitation from them?

Almost none existed who would openly deny face to the Palace in the Myriad Domain.

This was because the Palace boasted of a unique advantage in the Myriad Domain that placed it unequivocally first.

As the various sects all needed a myriad of pills, they all had to toe the line and show respect to the Regal Pill Palace.

Therefore, unless a faction planned on erupting in open hostilities with the Palace, no one dared to not attend this ceremony.

Finally, the two sides agreed on holding the alliance ceremony in the Precious Tree Sect after half a month.

The Precious Tree Sect had just held an induction ceremony for Ye Chonglou and Jiang Chen a short while ago, but that ceremony had been completely wrecked by Zuo Lan and his cronies.

This alliance ceremony was obviously even more important, so the sect would have to spend a great deal of time and effort to host it.

Ye Chonglou planned on doing everything himself and personally oversee this matter.

The yellow-clad man was an elder in the Regal Pill Palace named Wen Lang. He held a rather high position in the Palace.

Once the two sides had agreed on everything, Elder Wen Lang asked to see Jiang chen, but was told that Jiang Chen was comprehending martial dao beneath the Precious Tree.

“Haha, the cultivation of geniuses are extraordinary and cannot be disturbed. Since this is the case, I’ll have to wait until he emerges.”

Wen Lang knew when to advance and retreat, not appearing domineering just because of his psychological advantage. He was easygoing in all matters, putting Forefather Thousandleaf and Ye Chonglou greatly at ease.

Although the alliance had been set in stone, the fact that a seventh rank sect was to ally with a fourth rank sect, the sheer difference in position and strength made Thousandleaf and Ye Chonglou feel more or less a bit uneasy.

When the Regal Pill Palace received the Precious Tree Sect’s final response, they spread the news of their alliance the next day in the entire Myriad Domain.

Word of this caused immense waves in the Myriad Domain.

All sorts of powers were shocked. Had the Regal Pill Palace gone mad? The sixteen kingdom alliance was an absolute morass at the moment.

Anyone who set foot in it could sink in deeply.

And yet the Regal Pill Palace had announced an alliance with the Precious Tree Sect at this critical moment?

This meant that the former wanted to intervene in the sixteen kingdoms.

To explore things further, this meant that they were playing with fire and prepared to challenge the authority of the Ninesuns Sky Sect. Everyone knew that the Precious Tree Sect had offended the Sky Sect and refused their desire for assimilation.

The Regal Pill Palace was snatching food from the mouths of the Sky Sect.

Therefore, all sorts of discourse arose in the Myriad Domain in this moment. All sorts of bafflement, censure, speculations, and skepticism abounded.

However, the Regal Pill Palace’s usual style wasn’t one of a power that would randomly commit foolish acts. On the contrary, the Regal Pill Palace was an entity that always proceeded safe and steady. They did things with absolute certainty, not loosing the falcon until spotting the hare.

And now, they were running the risk of defying the will of the people to ally with the Precious Tree Sect! There must be some benefit to this that no one could see.

Speculations flew thick and furious as to what that might be.

However, no one could reach a conclusive answer.

The Regal Pill Palace’s invitations reached all sects and factions in the Myriad Domain. It was written very clearly that everyone was invited to attend the ceremony at the Precious Tree Sect.

Although the invitation didn’t mean to force anyone to action, it expressed very subtly that the Regal Pill Palace was highly valuing this alliance and hoped that everyone would give them face.

The connotations were very clear. If someone didn’t attend, that was showing the Palace no face. Therefore, when this invitee had a request to make of the Palace in the future, they too would give no face.

The powers in the Myriad Domain were as numerous as stars scattered across the night sky.

There were six large sects at the same scale as the Regal Pill Palace, all solidly fourth rank sects.

There were at least 20 a step down as a fifth rank sect.

There was another hundred or so yet another step down as sixth rank sects.

The four great sects in the sixteen kingdom alliance could manage to scrape by as seventh rank sects. They were at the bottom of the totem pole in the entire Myriad Domain.

They didn’t even measure up to the third rate power, no wonder they’d been marginalized.

If the four sects banded together, their strength on paper could possible vault them into the ranks of the sixth rank sects, or barely qualify them as a third-rate power.

Roughly two hundred powers had accepted the Regal Pill Palace’s invitation, and the attention given to this matter was enormous.


“Is the Regal Pill Palace crazy? Must they drag us into their madness? How troublesome for everyone!”

The Myriad Domain, Sacred Sword Palace. An enormous sword hung in the hall of a tall and rugged sanctuary, inspiring awe.

A middle-aged man with a deep look in his eyes and wildly-dancing long hair stood beneath the sword, murmuring to himself.

At the same time, various sect heads of some other first-rate sects in the Myriad Domain were clutching invitations in their hands, their brows tightly knitted together, obviously not at all understanding the Regal Pill Palace’s intentions.

The Tristar Sect was another preeminent power in the Myriad Domain, a rank four sect like the Regal Pill Palace and Sacred Sword Palace.

The three sect heads of the Tristar Sect were gathered in a secret chamber. There were a few others present apart from the three, one of which was Inspector Zuo Lan of the Sky Sect!

Zuo Lan was sitting lower down at the moment, his expression wooden with none of his previous arrogance.

From the position he occupied, it could be seen that he didn’t have much of a right to speak in this gathering, and that his status was the lowest one there.

There were two others, also wearing the accoutrements of a Sky Sect inspector, sitting in front of him. There was no difference between their uniforms and Zuo Lan’s, apart from the color.

One of them was green, the other purple.

It was obvious that the purple-clad inspector had the highest status. The three sect heads in front of him were almost fawning on him.

There were twelve levels to the Sky Sect inspectors.

They would wear four different kinds of uniforms, with ranks ranging from lowest to highest of gray, blue, green, and purple.

From one to three five-pointed stars would be embroidered on the robes, representing different levels.

A gray one star was naturally the lowest level, a first rank inspector.

Three gray stars meant a third rank inspector.

Zuo Lan was a blue one star, a fourth rank inspector.

At this moment, apart from the purple and green clad experts, there were eight other inspectors wearing blue as well.

All of them looked to the purple clad inspector as their leader.

The single star on his purple robes indicated his status as a tenth rank inspector. This level of inspector was of first rate existence in the Sky Sect. He would be treated with the highest level of courtesy wherever he went.

“Zuo Lan, repeat what happened when you visited the Precious Tree Sect.”

The purple-clad inspector’s tone was remote as he directed his words at Zuo Lan.

Zuo Lan felt as if he’d descended into an icy cavern with this single look, the frost biting at his bones. He didn’t dare tarry and truthfully conveyed all that had happened.

He was a docile as a domesticated sheep in front of his strong leader, with none of his previous self assurance.

“A mysterious melody broke down your aura? When had such experts resided in the sixteen kingdoms?”

The tenth rank inspector snorted derisively and turned to look at the sect heads.

The most senior sect head smiled awkwardly. “The sixteen kingdom alliance is a desolate backwater. We’ve almost never paid attention to them and truly don’t know the answer. However, according our understanding, the strongest within them is only at the third level origin realm, nothing in the greater picture of the Myriad Domain. Many factions are calling for their removal from the Myriad Domain.”

“If this is the case, then explain this invitation to me. Explain this alliance between the Regal Pill Palace and the Precious Tree Sect. Who can give me an answer?”

The tenth rank inspector was quite displeased and found the competency of those beneath him sorely lacking.

The situation now was greatly impacting the overall plans of the Sky Sect!

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