Chapter 445: Initial Alliance Agreement

Chapter 445: Initial Alliance Agreement

“Gentlemen, although it’s rare for two sects to share a disciple in the world of martial dao, it’s not unheard of either. Jiang Chen has great fortune and will surely benefit both our sects. What say you?”

The yellow-clad man looked at the forefathers with a sincere expression.

Although the Regal Pill Palace was strong and had absolute advantage compared to the Precious Tree Sect, they couldn’t be haughty about this matter. Nothing forcibly-done would be agreeable, just like a fruit forcefully plucked would not be sweet.

In addition, if the Regal Pill Palace used force, then it was bound to result in backlash and may even push the Precious Tree Sect towards the embrace of the Sky Sect.

After all, although the Palace looked more suited to the Precious Tree Sect from the looks of things, their strength was far below the Sky Sect’s. Although it had its own backers, it would never be as convincing as holding strength in one’s own hands.

“If the Regal Pill Palace has only this one condition, then my Precious Tree Sect is willing to ally. Combining our resources also makes it more advantageous for Jiang Chen’s cultivation and...

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