Chapter 444: Envoy from the Regal Pill Palace

Chapter 444: Envoy from the Regal Pill Palace

Ye Chonglou’s words were so shocking that even Forefather Thousandleaf’s facial expression changed drastically.

It was rather Jiang Chen who recalled a matter that had come and gone. When he’d returned to the Jiang Han territory once, he’d put his younger cousin Jiang Yu in charge of a spirit garden.

However, all of the medicine ingredients in that patch of land had matured overnight.

When Jiang Chen had investigated and sent people out to do the same, he’d come to the conclusion that it was a place of great ill.

That the spirit ingredients had ripened overnight was actually a very inauspicious sign.

When he’d left the Eastern Kingdom, he’d taken his closest family with him from the Jiang Han territory and hadn’t continued pursuing the matter.

The reason was simple, he’d ascertained that it was an omen of great ill, and so he hadn’t wanted to uncover or provoke this trouble.

When he heard Lordmaster Ye Chonglou’s words, he felt that there was a great possibility to the Lordmaster’s words.

“Chonglou, you say that our sixteen kingdom alliance is a place where demons are sealed?” Thousandleaf found this a bit hard...

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